By Alexandria Hoff

CHESTER, Pa. (CBS) — A pop-up voter service center in Delaware County is busy welcoming visitors. This comes despite efforts by some Republicans to keep it from opening.

Delaware County has partnered with the Philadelphia Union for a three-day event at Subaru Park in Chester to give county residents access to a variety of election services.

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It was less than 24 hours ago that a judge ruled in favor of the site being used as a pop-up mobile voting location. Several Delaware County officials and elected leaders submitted their mail-in ballots inside the gates of the Union’s open-air stadium in Chester on Friday afternoon.

“Anyone can come regardless of political party,” Philadelphia Union President Tim McDermott said. “We are open and happy to be participating in an important election year.”

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Members of the Delaware County GOP had taken issue with the pop-up voter service center’s location, noting its location in a heavily Democratic section in the county.

In a lawsuit seeking an emergency injunction, county Republicans cited the lack of public input in the decision to open up the pop-up center.

On Thursday night , a judge shot down their request for an injunction, clearing way for Friday’s opening. The voter service center will continue to operate through Sunday.

“We were confident that an appropriate process had been followed in approving this location,” Delaware County Solicitor William Martin said. “We are pleased that it has a location with all the qualities that the prior speakers have addressed in terms of being outdoors, space, convenience.”

The pop-up voter service center functions, like the satellite election offices in Philadelphia, where voters can register to vote, request and fill out their mail-in ballot and submit it all in one trip.

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“Voting and putting on an election is one of the most important things we do in county government,” Delaware County Councilmember Christine Reuther said.

Whether a mail-in ballot is mailed in, handed over in-person, or dropped off at a secured location, many Pennsylvanians are curious how long all the counting will take.

“What we think of as getting results on Election Night, or within a couple of days afterward, actually doesn’t happen,” Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar said. “Official election results are due 20 days late.”

But unofficial results are expected in a matter of days.

“Obviously, the closer the race, the longer it will take to know who the winner is,” Boockvar said.

Officials say residents cannot register to vote on Sunday, however.


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Judge Rejects GOP’s Attempt To Block Opening Of Voter Service Center At Subaru Park

Alexandria Hoff