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Another video showing the apparent beheading of Christians in Libya released; ISIS making gains in Iraq again
Only about two dozen of the 700 or so migrants on the Italy-bound ship have been found alive; growing migrant catastrophe has EU on edge
In 1780, a 32-gun frigate named Hermione left France for America, with good news for the colonists rebelling against Great Britain. On Saturday, a replica of the ship set sail on a similar course. Mark Philips reports.
Despite denying accusations that she published a document “revealing state secrets,” journalist Ga Yu faces seven years in prison. Seth Doane reports how journalists face many challenges in the communist country.
"You're constantly in fear of having your work removed or getting punished," journalist tells CBS News. "...You start to censor yourself"
Warfare would never be the same as deadly chlorine gas introduced on the battlefield
The "Hermione" is a full scale replica of the 18th century warship that carried the Marquis de Lafayette back to General George Washington and the American Revolution in 1780.
Relic believed to have covered Jesus goes back on display
In 1780 the French warship carried the Marquis de Lafayette across the Atlantic to rejoin General George Washington and the American Revolution. Now, a full-scale replica of the “Hermoine” is making the same voyage. Mark Phillips reports on how all of this came to be.
ISIS claims responsibility for bomb attack at bank in Jalalabad, says Afghan president