By Kimberly Davis

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Meek Mill is on a mission as the Philadelphia rapper is taking another major step in his crusade for criminal justice reform. He is supporting new legislation to make changes to Pennsylvania’s probation and parole system, and it’s personal for Mill.

Supporters of the new legislation say it’s all about giving residents a chance for redemption and they’re hoping to change the stigma surrounding felons.

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“I’m just here to speak for the ones who don’t have a voice,” said Mill.

He’s best known for his musical talents on the mic, but today, Mill was on the mic to talk change in the form of criminal justice reform.

“My son came to see me and asked what I was arrested for and I had to tell him popping a wheelie and he could never understand it,” said Mill.

Mill was on probation when he had an interaction with police. That interaction was a technical parole violation.

He was then sentenced to prison to two to four years. After he was released from prison, Mill teamed up with state legislators to fight for criminal justice reform.

“We need no more stumbling blocks to keep them from being gainfully employed. You don’t need any more stumbling blocks to keep them from becoming educated. What we need is a way to re-integrate them back into our society,” said state Rep. Jordan Harris.

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House Bill 1925 is a bipartisan effort to reform Pennsylvania’s probation and parole laws. The goal is to make the criminal justice system balanced and it’s something many agree on across the aisle.

“Our criminal justice system needs some change, and we need to work together in order to make those changes,” said state Rep. Cheryl Delozier.

Harris says they feel confident about this bill, especially with the bipartisan support. They are hoping to get the bill signed into law this session.

Kimberly Davis