By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Gritty is demanding the NHL to allow him inside Flyers games at the Wells Fargo Center when the season begins in January. Commissioner Gary Bettman announced the NHL will start the 2021 season on Jan. 13, but mascots were not included in his announcements.

That didn’t sit will with Philadelphia’s beloved Gritty.

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He took to Twitter on Monday night, demanding he be allowed inside Flyers games because “the world needs Gritty.”

“Hockey is back! I couldn’t help but notice that Gary left mascots out of his big announcement yesterday,” Gritty wrote. “@NHL you kept me out of the playoff bubble last season but I DEMAND admission to Flyers games this season. Hockey needs me, I need hockey, the world needs Gritty.”

If you are wondering why hockey needs Gritty, he made a pros and cons list to explain.

Gritty has created a petition for fans to sign in an effort to have the NHL make him essential.

“I have made numerous attempts to contact the great Gary Bettman with no avail,” the petition says. “I even tried to send a carrier goose. I understand he is an incredibly busy fella, but I thought our relationship meant more. This is why you shouldn’t work with friends.  It is with this public display of desperation that I hope to reach Gar and come to a unified decision regarding my attendance at Flyers games this season.”

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Flyers center Kevin Hayes is joining Gritty’s fight to get inside the Wells Fargo Center. Hayes says he doesn’t think he can play in 2021 if Gritty isn’t allowed inside the Wells Fargo Center.

“Big decision to make! If @GrittyNHL is not allowed in the building for games then I don’t think I can play this year! #GetGrittyIn,” Hayes tweeted.

As of Tuesday morning, Gritty’s petition had 10,000 of the 15,000 signatures he is asking for.


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