By Dan Koob

LINDENWOLD, N.J. (CBS) — South Jersey is bracing for its first accumulating snow in some time. But Camden County officials say they are ready and waiting when it comes to taking care of the roads.

With estimates as high as 6 inches in New Jersey, the race is on to get ready for winter.

“We got about 1,200 miles of road that we have to prepare for. We have 100 vehicles here and we’re ready to rock and roll,” said Camden County Commissioner Jonathan L. Young Sr.

That is literally tons of salt.

“The more you can prep the roads, the easier it is to plow,” Young said.

One driver per truck in Camden County will start treating roadways as soon as the storm starts.

“Today, we spent the day jockeying pallets around to get the retail stuff ready to go,” said Glenn Hare, owner of Audubon Hardware and Supply Store.

Hare has owned the Audubon hardware store since 1984 and says he loves a good storm, at least for a guy who walks to work.

“I look forward to it. I like it to get here, I like it to come down, I like to move it away and then I like it to melt,” Hare said.

Julie Brahmstedt just moved into her first home and woke up this morning realizing she didn’t own salt or a shovel.

“I’m gonna put some on the steps and everything, make sure we don’t have any kids slipping on the steps or anything,” Brahmstedt said.

It may not be snowmageddon bearing down on us, but in New Jersey, it is a start.

“It’s been about 653 days, I think, since we’ve seen any significant amount of snow here in Camden County or in New Jersey, period,” Young said.

The county says COVID-19 testing sites will be plowed and remain open Wednesday if you feel you need a test.


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