By Matt Petrillo

MALVERN, Pa. (CBS) — As we wait for the approval of a COVID-19 vaccine, dry ice sales for some companies have been heating up because the vaccine needs to be kept in the cold. The phone at the Ice Butler in Malvern has been ringing off the hook with dry ice orders, especially since Pfizer announces its COVID vaccine has to be stored in ultra-cold temperatures.

“We’ve definitely gotten a lot of calls from hospitals who are seeking big quantities of it because they are receiving the vaccine and it needs to be kept cold,” said Brian Launi with Ice Butler.

Eyewitness News got an inside look at how this dry ice supplier stores and then bags this now hot commodity. Workers here say hospitals are not the only industry on a buying frenzy.

The manager says some of the orders are also to laboratories as many are opting for dry-ice instead of big, expensive freezers.

“The dry ice is something that’s compact and keeps it cold — 109 below-zero, so it’s kind of the best option,” Launi said.

Ice Butler opened in 1974 and today, employees are proud to know the dry ice it’s supplying is among so many other industries working together in an intricate network to one day distribute a COVID vaccine.

“Couldn’t have anticipated the company I work would be helping another company with this global issue we’re dealing with,” Launi said. “So, it’s cool.”


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