By Alecia Reid

MONTGOMERYVILLE, Pa. (CBS) — The National Weather Service determined a tornado touched down in Montgomery County on Monday when severe storms moved through the Delaware Valley, leaving behind a trail of destruction. The twister in Montgomeryville caused damage to homes and office buildings, sent debris flying and uprooted trees.

It’s been nonstop cleanup for a number of work crews on Tuesday after the EF-0 tornado ripped through Montgomeryville.

“It was bad all day, but man, it got dark, I mean dark. And all of a sudden the wind came,” resident Barry Macort said.

Within minutes, it left downed trees, structural damage and street signs flying.

“A stop sign that came off the ground and flew into my car,” one man said.

He said it cracked his windshield and damaged the roof of his car.

A number of businesses at the strip off Garden Golf Boulevard have substantial damage. The structure at the entrance of a hotel appears compromised and a piece of equipment flew from the roof of a nearby business.

“Look at that air conditioner. Imagine if someone was standing there and that thing hit them on their head,” Tyrone Williams said.

Siding and roofs from homes near Susan Circle were gone with the wind.

“I could see some siding flying through the road. There were a bunch of little pieces everywhere,” Suzie Rezenom said.

The National Weather Service determined Monday’s winds were approximately 70 mph. Neighbors sheltered in place as currents left significant damage behind.

“The drapes started moving, the windows were moving, and the doors were moving. They were all locked,” Macort said. “I’ve never seen anything like that.”

Crews at Phase 4 Contracting have been going from one scene to the next.

“Millions of dollars in damage in the area,” said Matt Soncini with Phase 4 Contracting.

They’re working to get the Montgomeryville area back in order.

“There’s been three major tornadoes in this area, so this is the third one. We just got caught up to the last one and now we’re starting this new one,” Soncini said.

Gas and electricity at some properties remain off as repairs continue. So far, there are no reports of injuries.


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