By Natasha Brown

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — In Philadelphia, city officials are optimistic about the trends they’re seeing in the fight against COVID-19. But Mayor Jim Kenney still has strong words for those who are ignoring safety guidelines.

There’s promising news in the battle to flatten the curve of COVID-19 cases in Philadelphia.

‘This is now the third day in a row where our daily case count is below 400. And that’s despite the fact that we’re increasing the number of tests that we’re doing, so that clearly is good news,” Philadelphia Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley said.

Coronavirus Philadelphia: Third Straight Day City Sees Less Than 400 New COVID-19 Cases As No New Deaths Reported

Out of 186 new cases reported on Monday, city health officials confirm zero new deaths. The number of new cases is decreasing even as more testing sites are now open. The city is also expanding testing for Philadelphians.

“We’re now saying that we will offer testing — or the health department is recommending that sites offer testing — to anyone with symptoms compatible with the coronavirus infection, regardless of age,” Farley said.

Despite the good news, Kenney says he’s still disturbed by the number of people around the city not wearing masks or facial coverings.

“The sensible thing to do and the best thing for everybody, and the safest thing, is just wear it and get used to it. It’s not that much of a burden,” Kenney said. “Just think about what nurses and doctors and hospital personnel have to go through every day, and just put on the damn mask.”

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Officials say an assessment of construction sites and golf clubs that reopened on Friday seems to show folks in compliance of updated safety protocols.

Still, health officials are urging all residents to mask up if you’re outside in any setting.

“I am concerned about people being outside not wearing masks. If they’re off there by themselves, they’re not going to risk anybody else but it’s just easier to be in the habit of wearing a mask all the time, and then if you happen to come across somebody, it’s safe,” Farley said.

Billboards have also been placed around the city as a reminder to stay vigilant about coronavirus safety guidelines.