By CBS3 Staff

NEWARK, Del. (CBS) — Severe storms sent people scrambling to safety earlier on Friday as a rare February tornado warning was issued for parts of the region. In Newark, Delaware, a homeowner was inside when a tree came crashing down on the roof and side of the house.

(credit: CBS3)

The homeowner’s son says his father is still quite rattled, but luckily he was downstairs at the time the tree smashed into the house upstairs.

“He’s pretty shaken up but he was downstairs when it hit so he didn’t get hurt,” Ron Rose Jr. said.

It also damaged the side of the home and a downstairs bedroom.


The home on the 400 block of Brewster Drive has been deemed unsafe until a structural survey can be done.

Neighbor Angela Schweiger went into hiding when the storms rolled through.

“I was scared to death this morning when I saw the clouds coming up over my neighbor’s house and thought we were doomed,” she said. “I went right ahead and got in-between the walls and the doors and the other rooms so I would be safe, and next thing you know it’s all over.”

CNR Tree Service came out to assess the damage and fill out an estimate for the insurance company. It’s been quite busy for workers all day with downed trees all over New Castle County.

Robert Patten, of CNR Tree Service, says a number of those calls could have been prevented if the trees were maintained before rain or heavy winds.

“Just thin them out is the best thing I can tell you,” Patten said.


If you’re unsure of what to look for, call a professional.

No one was injured when the storms moved through.

CBS3’s Greg Argos and Alecia Reid contributed to this report.