By Howard Monroe

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It was a steamy fall afternoon around the Delaware Valley. It’s the time of year people are supposed to be going to orchards and pumpkin patches.

But it’s hard for people to get into a fall mood with temperatures this hot.

“I can’t remember it this hot. I don’t think I’ve ever been going to a farm for a pumpkin in this weather,” Mary Ellen Baker said.

Summer-like temperatures made a day at the pumpkin patch at Merrymead Farm a bit less appealing Wednesday.

“We’re still doing fall things even though it’s still hot,” Baker said.

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“Feels like the middle of August and you should be at the beach,” Diane Kovacs said.

Temps were in the mid-90s Wednesday afternoon as people searched for that perfect pumpkin. It’s only the seventh time since the 1870s that temperatures hit 90 degrees in the Philadelphia area in October.

“We started out the month hot. We had a buildup of this heat to really get this hot, especially this late in the season. The sun doesn’t get as high in the fall so the sun doesn’t really warm us as quickly,” CBS3 meteorologist Matt Peterson said.

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The ice cream couldn’t be served faster at the farm, another sign summer is keeping its grip on the area; at least for now, which is music to the ears for some at Logan Square.

“I’m not really a winter person so as long as summer wants to drag on, I’m right here,” Denise Costea said.

Unfortunately for Costea, the hot weather is coming to an end. Thursday’s highs won’t make it out of the 60s.