RIDLEY PARK, Pa. (CBS) — While some roads became impassable, some homes were also hit hard as flood waters pooled in basements in Delaware County.

The rain fell so intensely, drainage became a problem for lots of people on East Rodgers Street in Ridley Park.

Flooded Roadways Creating Commuting Mess For Evening Rush Hour

Some homeowners are contending with flooded yards, and in some cases, damaged basements.

Donna Thornton says she was at work when her future daughter-in-law frantically called her about the flooding in their home.

Thornton says the force of the rushing water broke open their basement door, displacing the family.

“Apparently, the water came crashing down my basement steps, blew my door off the hinges, blew it open and all of the sludge and the water just poured into the basement, filled the basement up. Everything is ruined, everything is a complete loss,” said Thornton.


Due to the potential impact of flood water on the home circuit breaker, the electricity will remain shut off until the extent of the damage can be better assessed.

The American Red Cross sent representatives out here earlier and are assisting the family with hotel accommodations until more work can be done.