CBS Local — A Christian numerologist is apparently living by the motto, “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” After striking out on his predictions that the world will end in September and October, self-proclaimed “researcher” David Meade is now marking April 23 as Doomsday.

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Like his previous theories, Meade claims the mysterious rogue planet Nibiru (also known as Planet X) is on a collision course with Earth, which will bring world-ending tsunamis and earthquakes. The self-published author says biblical codes he’s deciphered suggest that Earth’s destruction is imminent.

Quoting passages from the Bible and referencing the position of certain constellations in the night sky, Meade told the British tabloid Daily Express his April 23 target comes from “a unique once-in-a-century sign exactly as depicted in the 12th chapter of Revelation. This is our time marker.”

Meade moved his original Planet X proclamation from Sept. 23 to Oct. 21 after saying he misinterpreted the Bible codes as well as signs on ancient markers like the Great Pyramids. NASA has maintained throughout the numerologist’s end of the world talk that it’s impossible for a planet to just sneak up on Earth.

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“If Nibiru or Planet X were real and headed for an encounter with the Earth… astronomers would have been tracking it for at least the past decade,” the space agency explained in a 2012 statement. “The fact is that these folks are constantly changing their story,” NASA astronomer Daniel Morrison added.