By Alexandria Hoff

ABINGTON, Pa. (CBS) — In February, Abington Senior High School was gifted an incredible $25 million. But since then, how that money is going to be used and who decides that fact has stirred up controversy.

The Abington School District Board Meeting opened Tuesday evening with an apology.

“When government leaders are not transparent the public loses faith in them,” said one board member.

Two weeks ago the Board voted privately to change the name of the high school to honor a historic $25 million donation from an Abington graduate-turned billionaire, Steven Schwarzman.

Abington High School Won’t Be Renamed After Alum Who Donated $25 Million

The backlash was swift and the name change proposal was nixed, a move that Mr. Schwarzman readily agreed with, according to a spokesperson.

During the latest meeting and to a packed room, the Board promised increased transparency while addressing concerns over how the largest donation ever gifted to a public high school will be used.

“I really just want to know where it’s being used,” said parent, Nicole Smith, “I have concerns over what the curriculum changes mean.”

The Board’s revised pledge agreement, as outlined during the meeting, focuses on building additions to the school, including a new science and technology center. The proposed curriculum additions feature a greater emphasis on computer literacy.

Abington School District Will Rename New Science Center After Alum

The agreement will be up for public vote on April 24.

CBS3 spoke with a representative for Mr. Schwarzman Tuesday who said that he was approached by the school with a plan and a funding need and that he was glad to fulfill that need.

The representative added that he has no part in any curriculum changes.

Alexandria Hoff