By Alexandria Hoff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Winter weather has provided a taxing two weeks for city roadways and drivers are up to their last nerve and down to their last dollar when it comes to the damage attributed to potholes.

“I have paid about $4,000 on my car within the past three months,” said Zeeshan Ahmad who drives frequently for work.

PennDOT: Patrol Repairs About 30-40 Potholes A Day

Since Jan. 1,  the Philadelphia Streets Department reports repairing 23,956 potholes.

According to the mayor’s office, in the spring the city will be bringing on an additional 34-person paving crew, doubling their current staff while also embarking on a 6-year play to increase funding for roadway repaving by 63 percent.

It’s no surprise that near constant construction also weighs heavily on repair needs.

Friendly’s Releases Nor’easter Pothole-Flavored Ice Cream

For some drivers, a bumpy ride simply feels like home.

“I’ve lived in Philadelphia almost all of my life and you kind of just become accustomed to potholes,” said David Hall, “It’s like a cheesesteak. It’s just… here.”



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