By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — As Eagles fans embrace the underdog craze, the Pennsylvania SPCA is raising awareness for its underdogs — abused dogs up for adoption.

After the Eagles defensive end Chris Long put on a dog mask after Saturday’s playoff win against the Atlanta Falcons, the Pennsylvania SPCA reached out to him on Twitter, asking for his support in finding forever homes for its underdogs — animals who are victims of cruelty and neglect.

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Long obliged by spreading the word.

“One of the underdogs is the one that Chris Long retweeted about, a dog named Haze. He is a young Labrador Retriever-Pitty mix. He was injured so severely by his owner that his back hind leg had to be amputated,” said PSPCA spokeswoman Gillian Kocher. “You know, he really bounced back. He now chases tennis balls down the hallway on three legs and is really proving that life on three legs really isn’t so bad.”

More information can be found the PSPCA website.