By Cleve Bryan

PENNSAUKEN, N.J. (CBS) — The snow is getting some folks in the holiday spirit, and for others, not so much.

It’s hard to believe it’s not officially winter yet and this is already the third snowfall in a week.


“I love it, it’s good for the holiday spirit. That’s what we need,” said Pierre Romero of Pennsauken.

“Oh no, I can do without the snow,” said Michele Britt of Pennsauken. “The cold chills my body, makes it hurt, everything hurts from the cold.”

While the jury is out whether snow this often this early is good or bad, it’s keeping road maintenance crews on their toes.

In Lindenwold, Camden County’s truck fleet was loading up and spreading salt and brine all day.

“Getting everything ready to go. It’s supposed to be a fast-mover coming through, a couple inches. But the problem of it is the timing of it. It’s going to be through rush hour,” said Camden County Freeholder Jonathan Young.

Friday Afternoon Snow Ushers In The Weekend

It was a similar scene in South Philadelphia as PennDOT prepared for another found with “Old Man Winter.”

In Spring Garden, the snow caught Community College of Philadelphia student David Williams off guard as he walked home from his last final exam.

“I’m pretty much ready to go home and take a break. I really did not expect this. It’s a lot. I mean, it’s good snow, not bad snow,” said Williams.