PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Jerry Lewis’ alleged illegitimate daughter is living on the streets in Philadelphia.

Inside Edition reports Suzan Lewis, who is homeless, was born out of wedlock in the 1950s after her mother, Lynn Dixon, had a three-year affair with the comedian.

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DNA tests show that there is an 88.7 percent certainty that she is his daughter, according to Inside Edition.

“I always look at the bright side,” Lewis told Inside Edition. “No point being negative — then you’d be miserable.”

Lewis explained she didn’t know her father died until a friend told her.

“We can’t follow news,” she told Inside Edition. “We don’t have a television.”

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Lewis gets around the city by bus and washes her clothes at local laundromats. She uses public restrooms at hotels and restaurants to bathe.

She also showed Inside Edition the storage locker where she keeps her belongings before trying to find a place to sleep with her friend.

“If you have to be in the street, you may as well have people around you so you don’t feel isolated,” Lewis said.

She claims her father “would see me whenever he could,” but the famed comic never acknowledged she was his daughter.

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Jerry Lewis, whose estate is estimated at $50 million, died last month at the age of 91.

Lewis has seven other children.