WILTSHIRE, England (CBS) — A fire crew and a farmer are facing the heat and some grilling after a rescue story turned horrific for 18 little pigs.

According to the BBC, the backlash stems from an incident back in February when fire crews  saved the piglets from a blaze that saw 60 tons of hay catch fire at Rachel Rivers’ farm.

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But Rivers is now defending herself following her controversial actions after the rescue.

Six months later, according to the fire crew, Rivers made them sausages, from the very animals who’s bacon they had just saved, as a show of her appreciation.

The Pewsey firefighters said the sausages were “fantastic,” but they have since taken down the post and have replaced it with an apology post on Facebook.

According to the BBC report, PETA said the piglets were “no better off” after their fire rescue.

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Furthermore, PETA spokesperson Mimi Bekhechi said, “We’ll be sending Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service packs of vegan sausages so that they can see how easy it is to truly be heroes for pigs – by sparing them all suffering.”