Camden City Council Approves Massive Police And Fire Layoffs

CAMDEN, NJ (CBS) — Camden City Council, as expected, voted Thursday to lay off almost 400 workers, half of them police officers and firefighters, to bridge a $26.5 million deficit.

That’s about a quarter of the city’s entire work force.

Five members of City Council voted unanimously to approve the layoff plan — two other members were absent. The cuts take effect in mid-January.

walco Camden City Council Approves Massive Police And Fire LayoffsExactly how many city workers will be affected is still an open question, although nearly half the city’s police and a third of the firefighters are slated to go.

Karl Walco (right) is with the union that represents non-uniformed Camden city workers.

“If we agreed to everything that the city proposed in concessions, it would only have a minor impact on the number of layoffs,” Walco told the council members.

No argument from Council. They sat impassively as workers and residents alike voiced their frustration.

When it was over, Council president Frank Moran suggested they’re not to blame.

“We didn’t put a price tag on public safety. Unfortunately, the governor of the State of New Jersey put that price tag on it,” he said at the packed Council meeting.

That price tag is $69 million, in transitional aid. Moran suggested that Camden residents should vent to Governor Chris Christie.

After the vote, council members and Camden Mayor Dana Redd avoided reporters by going into their offices.

Reported by David Madden, KYW Newsradio 1060.

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One Comment

  1. William says:

    Look. Camden for sure “needs” these people but Camden for sure cant pay these people and they arent going to work for free are they? End of story. Camden needs a good dose of reality so that it can be reorganized around some fiscally vialble model…such as dissolve it.

  2. John W. says:

    A) You’re right about Jessi, but there is some truth to what he/she says. B) No, because Gov Christy is a republican is not why it is happening. It is happening because some of what Jessie says is true. Hand outs victimize you. They only temporarily help you.

  3. Scott says:

    There is an inherent relationship between high-crime societies and the proposition to cut first-responder jobs. It is no wonder that they are one of the most dangerous cities – they create the very problems that become the issue. I will wager that they haven’t cut their entitlement subsidies for the parasitic moocher class by much if at all.

    1. Rose DiBattista says:

      its not entitlements that the tax money goes to..the state aid comes mainly in the form of corporate subsidies and tax breaks for corporations…we can’t blame the poor for this economic atmosphere because that is just scapegoating and avoiding the real cause of the problems.

  4. Lessthantolerant says:

    So why can we do three simple steps;

    1. lay off 50% of all government officials not related to fighting fires or proving on street police protection.

    2. All Government officials take a 20% paycut immediately as well as all pensioners.

    3. All Welfare and stay aid programs take a 50% reduction.

    Also, authorize police to shoot to kell any criminal caught in the crime immediately.

    1. GC says:

      you got it !! Same at the Federal level as well

      1. Rodney Nightingale says:

        1. lay off 50% of all government officials not related to fighting fires or providing on street police protection.

        2. All Government officials take a 20% paycut immediately as well as all pensioners.

        3. All Welfare and stay aid programs take a 50% reduction.

        I agree!

    2. Rose DiBattista says:

      this is the dumbest thing i have ever read!

  5. bob says:

    Certainly follows this trend – US Job Growth for Local Government

  6. LEO says:


  7. Mike M says:

    Darn, what a shame, too bad they don’t have a money printing press like the Feds. I think every one should have one of those…then no one would never run out of money.

    1. GC says:

      But your dollar wouldn’t be worth a dime

      1. huh says:

        ..but it has a different effect if the Fed does it? Please to explain it.

  8. TomT says:

    Public employee pensions are the problem everywhere. They need to be drastically cut or every community will face bankruptcy. These massive layoffs are thanks to the union thugs in bed with the corrupt politicians.

    1. J Wood says:

      You’re not entitled to your graft, jerk. You’ve lived as a parasite, feeding off our taxes, for too long. We’re coming for your pension. Soon.

    2. Phil says:

      Guess what? Your precious pension, which NO ONE in the private sector (you know, the people who make your existence possible) could ever HOPE to receive, is a great example of “waste, fraud and abuse.” We’re glad you agree.

    3. DonnaH says:

      Amen to that TomT. They can point the finger at Christie all they want, but the real problem is the unions. They no longer work for the workers, but only for the leadership.

  9. Zippy says:

    They should cut Welfare and Medicaid and take the savings to pay the Cops.

    Camden should be nervana, they have had Democrat rule for decades.

  10. Lester says:

    Recall all retired cops and fighters that can still do work even if it is desk work.
    Cities need to look to reducing pension benefits first.

    1. Jim Kearney says:

      I know you THINK you voted in a Tyrannical Hugo Chavez type of President, but those kinds of dictatorial powers only exist in Communist nations..

      Have YOU ever fought a fire? Or put YOUR life on the line for that 3 am wife beating?

      Maybe you should.

  11. Mike says:

    Where are all the industrious entrepreneurs to build businesses to hire people and contribute to the tax base? Oh that’s right the Libs destroyed the work ethic of these people with their Great Society welfare programs.

    1. EJ says:

      A better question is where are all these tax exempt millionaires that were supposed to “tricle down” all this humanitarian aid???

      1. Ron says:

        Treasury Department analysts credit President Bush’s tax cuts with shifting a larger share of the individual income taxes paid to higher income taxpayers. In 2005, says the Treasury, when most of the tax cut provisions are fully in effect (e.g., lower tax rates, the $1,000 child credit, marriage penalty relief), the projected tax share for lower-income taxpayers will fall, while the tax share for higher-income taxpayers will rise.

        The share of taxes paid by the bottom 50 percent of taxpayers will fall from 4.1 percent to 3.6 percent.
        The share of taxes paid by the top 1 percent of taxpayers will rise from 32.3 percent to 33.7 percent.
        The average tax rate for the bottom 50 percent of taxpayers falls by 27 percent as compared to a 13 percent decline for taxpayers in the top 1 percent.
        The White House has announced it will lobby Congress to pass legislation making most of President Bush’s tax cutting measures permanent.

        Source: U.S. Treasury, Office of Tax Analysis

      2. billland says:

        not humanitarian aid, economic development. Which means get your #$% to work.

      3. Robert A says:

        The wealthy don’t trickle down money, they create jobs by hiring those who wish to work,

      4. njmike says:

        They moved out of the city and the State to avoid having to pay your taxes.

      5. whraglyn says:

        They are running profitable businesses, employing workers and paying wages and salaries in states and cities with right-to-work laws, ( see: TEXAS – strongest economy in the nation last tow years), small state and local government philosophy, ( see: TEXAS, again), citizen legislators rather than union thugs and politico families, (see: TEXAS, AGAIN), and where citizens know they can keep the fruits of their labor due to no state income tax, (see: TEXAS, AGAIN), and where private property rights are enshrined in law as the ‘Castle Doctrine’ – you or anyone try to enter my property against my will, even if you are government unless you have a warrant, and I will shoot you dead, (see: TEXAS, AGAIN), and where folks go to ESCAPE political and social conditions such as in EVERY MAJOR CITY RUN BY DEMOCRATS AND UNIONS THE LAST 40+ YEARS.
        But all you who continue to live in such places, PLEASE remember to keep voting Democrat, and to always LOOK FOR THE UNION LABEL!


      6. roberto says:

        Hmmm. Milke suggests work ethic is the answer, EJ suggests humanitarian aid from the rich is the answer. Well the aid sure is easier, but the work ethic is a more dependable long term solution.

  12. ladydi says:

    Great comment!!! And so true!!!

  13. phil says:

    shouldn’t they raise taxes to provide the services the people want or does the money just appear.

    1. Jack Kinch(1uncle) says:

      This city has probably lost most of its tax payers. Wouldn’t you leave it ? This will be a city of ‘Demos gone wild’.

    2. MaxV says:

      no the money DISAPPEARS through double sets of books as is the case in most “government” accounting. Not a cynical remark, just the facts. Facts that most do NOT even realize are at play. I have a novel idea: Why don’t the people in communities nationwide begin DEMANDING the trillions of dollars in theft that have occurred at the hands of president(s) and congress whose only real loyalty lies with the banks that own them

  14. GETBENDT says:

    And what are you doing to show your concern? Attacking someone who is doing something doesn’t make you witty or intelligent. People like you sit on the sidelines and voice stupid opinions and yet do nothing to educate themselves on the root cause of the situation. Years of liberal actions, from the criminal justice system to the welfare state, from beating up on business to taxing the hell out of everything, from corruption to flat out theft. Its all coming down to you reap what you sow. These liberal infested cities and states will fail, there is no chance for them to survive. Liberalism is a lie, and the losers who believe in it will have to face that truth before the problems can be solved. We are all out of other peoples money. Get a clue!

  15. BRIAN says:


  16. HelloPeople says:

    Peple, listen up…..We need a political CLEANSE!!!!!! Cleanse the Politicians. As previously mentioned here. cleanse the politicians. THEN they’ll be careful how they govern. NJ is all but dead due to liberal, corrupt Democrats. One after the other. Tax, waste, unions, payoffs, illegal alien sanctuary cities, soft on crime, & layoff first responders. D.C., Detroit, Newark, Chicago, NY (in the 1970s), take your pick of Democrat run cities that no one wants to, or can’t, live in or move away from due to low property values.

  17. sharrein says:

    ooh that might be considered racist. but if the shoe fits….

  18. Dave 2010 says:

    Chances are the people won’t miss the police and fire. Most cops these days stay clear of war torn neighborhood, and the average firefighter does not like the added risk of dodging bullets.

  19. Dave 2010 says:

    Excellent example of a government of the people, by the people and for the people, and in this case the people have the government they deserve.

    Typical of folks in denial, blame the governor for their problems – it’s obvious the people living in Camden are the problem !

  20. scarlet73 says:

    lol (kinda). It’s gotta be done. Chris, stick to your guns!

  21. Chris says:

    Stop the hate! Embrace the diversity of lifestyle choices!

    1. George says:

      This is brilliant. I fell so enlightened. So what I can learn from this is regardless how destructive the diverse life style is I need to embrace it because disagreeing with the life style is hate. And if that means anteing up more money in taxes as a result, well just do it because that is loving.

  22. Thron says:

    Camden is the perfect progressive city, large percentage of the entitlement class, high crime, city government blaming others for their problems and now sitting back hoping and hoping and hoping…..

    1. RobertG says:

      It is Always the Police and Fire services they cut to try and force the population in coming up with more money. But the people of Camden, and all to many other places, have been voting for these Tax and Spend jerks for 80 years so they get what they asked for.

  23. FreeYourMind says:

    Anybody ever check into the leadership in Camden, re corruption? I believe most of these big cities that are poverty-stricken, are so because of corruption in the local government – just like many countries. If the government officials are skimming whatever money there is off the top, there’s nothing left to run the city efficiently. Camden, being right across the river from Philadelphia, ought to be prosperous, not a run-down wreck like it is. No business in it’s right mind would open there, at least not one that hires a lot of people.

  24. I Love NJ says:

    We need a political CLEANSE!!!!!! Cleanse the Politicians. Cleanse the Politicians. Cleanse the Politicians. THEN they’ll be careful how they govern. NJ is all but dead due to liberal, corrupt Democrats. One after the other. Tax, waste, unions, payoffs, illegal alien sanctuary cities, soft on crime, & layoff first responders. D.C., Detroit, Newark, Chicago, NY (in the 1970s), take your pick of Democrat run cities that no one wants to, or can’t, live in or move away from due to low property values.

  25. Cowboy says:

    Well, you could consider not shooting each other, and not burning down each others’ buildings….

    Just a thought…

  26. jaxjaguar says:

    travis12, that is a 100% correct comment. Thank You for putting it so eloquently.

  27. JoeAllen says:

    The NJ Governor is NOT the problem !!!

    Camden could have avoided the layoffs by cutting everyone’s pay by 20% … !!!!!!

  28. DR Ricardo says:


  29. Buckley65 says:

    Typical liberal blackmail – deny them the cash that they whine for from the taxpayers, the State, or the Feds, and right away they rush to lay off cops and firefighters. Saw the same scam in Lindsay/Beame NYC in the ’70s and many times since. Looking for other places to cut? Try the staffs of the mayor and the lordly members of the city council. Need more? Check out this list of 200 or so employees of Camden’s world-class board of education at I’m sure many of them are good, hard-working people, but are they all as critical to have around as police and firefighters? Don’t think so.

    1. sharrein says:

      so agree. look at all the places to cut before cutting police and firefighters, such as support staff for city council and board of education

  30. Jason says:

    The police officers should put the word out that they are no longer patrolling and protecting the neighborhoods of the City Councilmen, District Attorneys, and Judges. Perhaps these “public servants” will keep more police on duty and keep the criminals off the street by eliminating probation, early release, plea bargaining, and parole.

    1. Sally Forth says:

      Like having the police there now is keeping the criminals off the street?! Get a clue.

  31. Campbell's Soup says:

    Tell McNabb to boycott Campbell’s Soup

    1. Palin for 16 years says:

      Don’t blame me I didn’t vote for christie

  32. hadenuf says:

    Learn english, please. TOO not TO. BTW, you have one wonderful governor and I hope like heck that he becones President one day soon!! GROW UP, FOOL!

    1. D parige says:

      It’s spelled b e c o m e s

    2. Joe Blow says:

      You should end your sentence with a period.

    3. Sally says:

      Thank you for the English. Also,the governor is a phony conservative. He could have had this state wrapped up in a couple of weeks last January. But he hasn’t a clue either.

    4. Cowboy says:

      You should end your sentence. Period,

  33. RWGN says:

    Why is it the BLUE states have more money problems then the RED states? Could it be that we are better at managing our money or fewer of us have our hands out expecting Government or Unions to gives something for nothing?

    Also it was noted “Nation’s ‘2nd Most Dangerous City’ To Lay Off Nearly Half Of Police Force” states with actual 2nd Amendment Laws allowing citizens to have and carry weapons DON’T have much crime and certainly aren’t considered “2nd Most Dangerous City”…

    It feels so good to be living in a RED state, low taxes, in budget and carrying a gun (legally)…

    1. John says:

      Amen – I live in Florida — Government in the Sunshine, no state income tax and gasp – respect for the 2nd amendment

    2. Chris says:

      RWGN: The red states have more money than the blue states because the Federal government redistributes wealth towards the red states by means of the income tax. For instance, for every $1 NJ taxpayers pay to the Federal Government, the Federal Government provides only $0.61 in services, contracts, etc (in 2005, see: ). It’s easy to balance the budget and have lower state income taxes when the Federal government is subsidizing your state government.

  34. A Bit of Thought says:

    When a bureaucracy is faced with a budget reduction, it will cut the most valuable and important items first.

  35. Jack Kinch(1uncle) says:

    This city is one big demo special interest group, born and maintained on welfare to vote demo.

  36. Dale5 says:

    Wake-up and vote REPUBLICAN – Stop paying the police and Fire retires 4100,000 while you make 35,000 with no retirement

  37. Terry Knows Moore says:

    Sense some hostility towards your brother….I smoke too, but I pay for my own healthcare, in fact we pay for two healthcare plans instead of buying a new car..I’ll bet you want the government and the producers of America to pay your bills.

  38. Bill says:

    Why not lay off all of those on public welfare first. Then cut the salaries of all the city bureaucrats and politicians before taking down public safety.

  39. guerrino says:

    75% of the population is on welfare. What do you expect!

  40. The left is laying the groundwork to stoke civil disturbances and riots to justify a crackdown. Plain and simple.

    Watch for more of this in weeks ahead in other dangerous urban areas. The economy will be intentionally collapsed and then voila! – massive conflagration.

  41. Cujat says:

    This false premise is the Democrats tried and true method for scaring the public into allowing the beauracracy to expand. It is the equivalent of me deciding to stop paying my heating bill and rent rather than cutting my cable or entertainment expenses and it is nothing but pure demogoguery…thankfully it is quite apparent that this is almost as played out as the race card is and America is tired of the games!

    1. hadenuf says:

      AMEN! WELL SAID! Just another scare tactic!

  42. Mike Copeland says:

    So is there a parallel to announcing troops withdrawing from Iraq/Afghanistan, and informing criminals in this area that the police force will be halved?

  43. searock says:

    … why is it, during a budget crisis; that the first to go is the public safety workers? …

    … how come no one else? … could it be POLITICS? …

    1. Mike says:

      I agree. To get attention and blame others, they lay off the required employees. Find other things to cut other the required services.

    2. WeMadeAmistake says:

      The first to go have been the millions of private sector workers in this country. We now see the private sector worker who makes an average of $44K per year, paying taxes to pay for the public sector government worker who makes an average of $77K per year. This situation is no longer tolerable.

      1. andy says:

        great comment; simples; now is the time to apply pro rata a 10% pay reduction across the board; why dint this happen in Camden

    3. Steve Bennett says:

      No, it is not politics. This is the tried and true progressive liberal democrat response to a shortfall of funds and/or cuts: they find the service that is most critical in the society (typically police, fire, education) and cut that, all the while keeping all the less important expenditures fully funded.

      Its very simple: when you are in the red, you cut expenditures from the least critical to the most critical while liberal politicians cut from the most critical. Why? because they know that is the only way to result in zero cuts… if not a funds increase!

      Its blackmail, and they know 2 things: 1)you wont come down to city hall and make them do otherwise, and 2) you will re-elect them next November.

      You are getting what you deserve for voting for liberal democrats and RINO republicans: the sorry state of things we have now, and the terrible terrible stuff that is about to befall us when the progressive’s ponzi scheme finally breaks

  44. Jose Blanco says:

    There are plenty of non essential positions in the city budget that can be deleted… not just layed off. Whole agencies, divisions, commissions and redundant services.

  45. Mike O'Connor says:

    Obviously your Frank Moran is an idiot. No Moran, you didn’t put a price tag on public safety.

    Rather, the police officers put a price tag on public safety— in the form of their salary demands, you dolt.

    That’s the price.

  46. Rattso says:

    Who, in the wildest dreams, believes that the police are there protect anyone? It’s rare they intervene in a crime. The purpose of the police is to clean up after the crime is committed.

    1. kj says:

      …when seconds count, police are only minutes away.

  47. 14401 says:

    Do they need police. Probably most are corrupt.. I wish that weren’t true. Is it still the worst city. Why not just abandon it and save a bunch of money. Or follow the money and find the culprits.

  48. Mike says:

    Have you ever heard of Liberia….they have a church on every corner too. Ignorant fool.

  49. Frank says:

    SHTF in 36 months or less. The U.S. is done.

    Homeland Security and secret police are taking over. If they suspend elections or do massive fraud you’d better get over the border any way you can.

    1. 14401 says:

      Do they need police. Probably most are corrupt.. I wish that weren’t true.

  50. ron says:

    who put these people in office??????

    1. TM says:

      Norcross, who do ytou think!!!

  51. ItsMeAgain says:

    Why do they always start with police, fire, then teachers??? They are playing politics hence the politically charged statement:

    “Moran suggested that Camden residents should vent to Governor Chris Christie”

    Shameful !!!

  52. dirty ernie says:

    Good idea. Lets blaime a governor who inherited a huge mess from the previous DEMOCRATIC governor who cow towed to the unions and their agregious salaries.

    1. Jean says:

      Your right Dirty Ernie! The last Governor was a joke and he needs to go to jail.

  53. kbworkman says:

    At least they aren’t tryhing to blame Bush for their failures.

    They have been in their positions too long but they decided now to blame their new governer for the mess.

    It is interesting that they wouldn’t talk to the press. Makes sense though. It is a little hard to keep your lies straight after so many.

  54. Terry F says:

    Unions lowers the work ethic and professionalism of union employees to the lowest common demonator. Destroy public sector unions. Public employees need to represent the people that pay their wages (citizens) and not corrupt/criminal union boses.

    1. Jim Boss says:

      I couldn’t agree more!

    2. Jean says:

      I agree. The unions ruined this country!

      1. Tim Martin says:

        I’m a union member and I totally agree with you. Unions were a necessary thing in the past. Now the unions are nothing more than a branch of the Democrat party. The union bosses live high on the hog off the dues. Unions are killing themselves.

      2. Mike711 says:

        I wish unions were killing themselves. As long as there are progressives … unions will be killing the rest of us. They will bankrupt gov’ts who cannot stand up to them … then these gov’ts will pull this political chicainery (Chicago-ry) and totally obscure the fact that private sector folks making less than public sector folks (especially when retirement is factored in) are picking up the tab.

      3. sharrein says:

        as did government and big business being selfish. if everyone used constraint and didnt ask for more then needed. the country wouldnt be in this fix

  55. FattestSean says:

    Good! We have to cut everywhere, including the sacred cows of Police.

    If there are more fires or more crime then the people just have to decide if paying more taxes to re-hire these employees is worth it.

  56. jazzman says:

    you should educate yourself…

  57. Joey says:

    I got an idea Camden, keep voting the Democrats in! It’s working great for your city and every other major city in the country. Enjoy!

    1. Russell says:

      You are so stupid. Its the republicans who made “taxes” a bad word and we told you someday you would regret it.

      1. Captain Incredulous says:

        I think the town needs to be audited. Where is the money going? We need to get back to basic service, i.e. police, fire, education etc. What other social programs are they spending their money on? They should be cut first. Police, fire and education should be the last thing that is cut.

        This is purely a ploy to get people worked up.

      2. John says:

        You dont know Camden. There hasnt been a republican elected for 50 years.

      3. Captain Incredulous says:

        Russell, Dude…I think you need to look in the mirror before calling anyone else stupid. Like most liberals, you think that money grows on trees. It doesn’t. There is a finite amount of money that the jurisdictions have to provide services. You can’t have eberything. the people need to decide what is essential and what they are willing to pay for.

        But, I must say that you didn’t disappoint me. Ad hominem invectives are usually the preferred methods of argument by liberals.

        have a good weekend.

      4. Randy says:

        You really like big government and big taxes huh? What governmental agency do you work for again? How many buckets of cash would you like today?

      5. shredder says:

        There are no Republicans in Camden office. Not since 4ever. This is entirely on you and the rest of the handout brigade.

      6. Mike711 says:

        So Russell, you believe that the private sector folks who make much less than the public sector fat-cats (especially considering retirement benefits) need to be squeezed even harder so that these fat-cats don’t have to face reality? Good for you.

  58. David Smith says:

    How could that be? Obama said the stimulus would solve these type of problems. Oh no more lies…

  59. Tom says:

    You’re not old enough to leave a message; adults only, please.

  60. robert g says:

    I would like to see the list of all the things the politicians didn’t cut. Like there pay.

  61. notesonmoney says:

    Crime goes down when people protect themselves instead of relying on police. Good step in the right direction.

    1. The Word says:

      True that, BUT only in conceal carry friendly locales – unfortunately, you’ll never find such a locale in a liberal bastion like NJ.

    2. Captain Incredulous says:

      Just don’t foget to get a permit…and for goodness sake….don’t use hollow points!

  62. marco says:

    Hmm…did the Council vote to lay itself off? Oh of course not, they all need the money. So where are they making the cuts? In vital services? That doesn’t seem logical when there are so many bloated programs, and so many ratholes where the money slides down, never to be seen again. Well, Camden, guess you’ll finally have to know who you’re voting for from now on, and vote out the cronies and crooks, and vote in the people who care about you. Forget what anybody told you about anything, and go and find the candidates who are not covered with filthy muck, and hushed-up scandals, and fleas and ticks, and who are not kleptomaniacs, or overlords, or vampires, or parasites, or devils from hell with hooves.

  63. Bill says:

    Good Morning Camden, NJ! LOCK AND LOAD!!!

  64. KCEddie says:

    With that kind of thinking shut down the emergency rooms and hand out free condoms instead.

  65. SIM says:

    must be a liberal admin running the place. Fools could have done it smarter but noooo…we gotta make the voter’s ticked off so they will be fearful and vote us back in sort of deal is OVER! Vote ignorant politicians out of office.

    Yeah, WA state liberals are the same…mentally challenged no doubt.

  66. Constitution First says:

    Comrade: Always lay off the firemen, cops and teachers before the sheeple notice the bloated salaries of the party hacks, union pensions and welfare payments to illegal aliens.

    How are you ever to implement The Cloward – Piven Strategy?

    You deserve the government you voted for.

  67. JJ Walker says:

    OK, so CAMDEN and NEWARK are laying off cops? The areas that need them dont get them because of politics. There is no reason why Hudson County cops make 60k per year and Bergen County cops make 150k+ per year. THere is no reason a cop should make that much money, ANYONE can be a cop and there are plenty in line for jobs. UNIONs once again bankrupting our towns.

    I say boycott businesses that hire illegals, if you do you will see change and crime go down. Ill paypal $100.00 to you if you can prove otherwise.

    1. Tom says:

      A lot of the difference in earnings can be attributed to uneven overtime pay.

  68. Chuck says:

    Thank GOD that the vast majority being laid off are first responders.

    I would hate to think that the city could do without all the paper shufflers and inane bureaucrats.
    We have to have as many paper pushers as possible.

    1. Macksfield says:

      Good point. Lets cut back on the politicians, therein lies part of the solution.

  69. Bill says:

    Another day in a lib/dem run city ! Wow, wake up people you don’t have to live like sheeple !!! Government is the problem ! Not the fix to your woos !

  70. Mike says:

    If the insane gun control laws in NJ and other high-crime areas were changed and the law-abiding citizens had the right to arm and defend themselves from the violent criminals (who always have and will have guns), then not as many REACTIONARY police officers are needed. What a pathetic, dependent bunch we have become. Especially in the cities and NJ. Allow the good citizens to carry concealed weapons and watch the crime rate plummet.

  71. Bill says:

    Same sh_t , Different day

    1. joey says:

      Ah, c’mon. Don’t get down. With this move they’re getting rid of most of the crime anyways.

    2. sharrein says:


  72. gommygoomy says:

    Am I reading these Camden City Poverty Stats correctly? Of the people living in Poverty, Blacks and Hispanics make up almost 90%
    Are you F-ing kidding me?
    And ALL OF THEM vote Democrat.
    Gee. I wonder why we’re going down the drain.

    1. JJ Walker says:

      Same reason Rangel keeps getting elected. The same reason OBAMA was elected. Minorities are racist when it comes to election. I voted for OBAMA the first time… not going to the second time… Change,, fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!…

  73. E Sierra says:

    How many Assistant/Deputy Commissioners, and Assistant Chiefs are not being considered for layoffs? Anyone not directly supervising in the field should be furloughed. Administrators are a luxury not a necessity. And all departments should cut admin staff by 50% immediately starting with the City Council staff. They always go after the Thin Blue Line instead of getting rid of the highest paid paper pushers.

    1. ra44mr2 says:

      Agreed Sierra. Although when times are tough it may be necessary to lay off Police i think they should be the last ones to go, strip the administration to the bone then go after the PD.

  74. Tom Genin says:

    If you live in Camden, here’s what you can do:

    1. Do not hire illegals to do any work. Without work, they’ll go elsewhere and take their crime, children, and social service needs with them.
    2. Do not frequent businesses that employ illegals, as 50% of money paid to illegals is sent out of the area.
    3. Visit local businesses where the momeny will be spent locally.
    4. Make sure that Police officers are on the street and clerical positions are done by civilials who would earn much less.
    5. Lower Taxes on Businesses. Nobody has to love businesses, but if you bring in employers, you bring in employees. The more people that are employed, the larger the tax base, the more money spent locally, less crime, less drain on local social services.

    If you don’t do these things to help yourself, and don’t insist your neighbors do the same, don’t cry about the state not helping you.

    1. JJ Walker says:

      You are making TOO MUCH sense.

      Maybe now the local Pols can pull their heads out.

      BTW, do they make 150k+/year like Bergen County?

  75. John Acorn says:

    Open carry and you don’t nee police protection

  76. pafaery says:

    What happens in these cities and towns and states is that people continue to vote the crooks back into office. The northeast and California are a disgrace to our country along with this current congress and administration. Christie will fix this problem with the help of the people of NJ. We need “57” governors like Christie to cover the 50 states that we have and the other 7 that President Obama came up with.???

    1. Dave says:

      57 is the number of MUSLIM States represented by the Islam Conference if you haven’t been clued in yet! Why do you think he’s so anti-Israel and Jew.

  77. markw says:

    Really?? the police and fire are needed cuts? Not municipal arts, community diversity coordinator, libraries, parks and rec, etc…etc..

    This is a typical liberal ploy……cut the critical govt services and leave the wasteful govt projects in place so that they can hold the taxpayers hostage and demand more of the peoples’ money……of course the media is complicit in this game

    1. Mike Wooten says:

      You’ve got it brother. As soon as I saw that one quarter of employees equalled one half of the police and fire departments, I knew what was up. The leftists can never come up with anything new. Always the same old playbook.

    2. chuck in st paul says:

      Right on markw! It’s the same tired play again and again, yet the dopes in Camden keep reelecting these crooks. Good grief!

      1. markw MN says:

        It’s odd, Chuck in St. Paul, it seems like us Minnesotans are more outraged at this tactic than NJ residents.

  78. Rick says:

    The are a sanctuary city. They harbor illegals and expect the federal gov (American taxpayers from other states) to pay for the illegals they harbor. I hope the entire city burns to the ground.

  79. Timothy Miles says:

    The unions hate Chris Christie and will do any thing to punish him for trying to bring reason to the states budget. The best way is to push cities to lay off police and firefighters. The City Council of Camden could have cut a lot of salaries and programs and laid off non-essential workers to get their house in order but, I’m sure the various unions balked at that too. There is a great article on this at

    1. Jean says:


      That would make too much sense. The of CAMDEN, NY need to wake out and fire the crooks and then send them to jail.

  80. Harry Paratestes.... says:


    1. Morris says:

      Unfortunately, far better than they could have hoped, at least to date!

  81. airtexaco says:

    Before we buy into the premise that it is the police and fire fighters that have to go can we see the rest of the budget? Where is ALL of the money going? Wish I could run my household like democrats run government…

  82. RT says:

    If your city is so dependent on the state that it has to lay off HALF it’s police force after losing state aid, I think that says more about the city government than it does about the state.

    1. Hoppin'mad says:

      Camden is a filthy corrupt city that has been robbing the taxpayers of NJ for decades. No matter how money has been given to that city, it always ‘disappears’.

      It has been this way for 50+ years. It is time for mother nature to reclaim Camden.

  83. DRUG DEALER says:

    Who am i gonna pay off with all the cops fired?

  84. anb says:

    How come when cities have budget deficits they need to close do they do stuff like lay off police? Can it be right that there are no other expenditures that are more dispensable? Or are the politicians just trying to create misery so that citizens will knuckle under to demands for higher taxes?

    1. Luke says:

      Anb, You have it right. This is pure political posturing. They are trying to drive public anger towards the Governor and away from their incompetence.

  85. Ben Diamante says:

    Well, when there is simply NO MORE MONEY then something has to be cut, at least that’s the way it works in my household. But it’s hard to believe that there isn’t some other place to make cuts other than the PD and FD. I’d be there are literally hundreds of little fund sucking programs out there that could be cut.

    1. adam says:

      Jeez, Ben, if I’d waited 3 minutes more I wouldn’t have left a comment at all!

  86. Leonard says:

    There are no police in Camden anyhow. Just go there at night if you want to be killed

  87. gommygoomy says:

    Am I reading these Camden City Poverty Stats correctly? Of the people living in Poverty, Blacks and Hispanics make up almost 90%
    Are you F-ing kidding me?

  88. Tom says:

    Yet another city, big unions have killed! Detroit/Gary/LA/Newark/etc….. and guess who gets a pass on the HC bill? you got it, BIG UNIONS!

    1. btbom says:

      yep, and the elected leadership not making any meaningful sacrifices

  89. Mark says:

    My guess is you will ever miss them

    1. Ronnie Honduras says:

      Mark: “My guess is you will ever miss them.”

      Mostly, yep. In the end, when it’s going down, you’d best be able to protect yourself. 99% of the time, the authorities show up and draw a chalk line around your corps. They’re not bad at catching the bad guys after, but it’s always been 95% about protecting yourself. Good luck with the draconian gun laws in NJ… The only people with guns are the ones who are out to break the law anyway. Common sense 101.

  90. KingofthePaupers says:

    Jct: Rather than lay them off, pay them with bus credits which anyone in town can use. is my campaign for Brantford Mayor on a program to pay the unemployed with Bus Bucks and give raises to city workers.

    1. Armed Patriot says:

      The point here is that the City Council doesnt care about the people safety or doing the right thing. They are activists protesting the Governor.

      Karl Walco is with the union that represents non-uniformed Camden city workers. “If we agreed to everything that the city proposed in concessions, it would only have a minor impact on the number of layoffs,” Walco told the council members.

      1. Ronnie Honduras says:

        Clearly, then, the concessions were too little. e.g. it’s not economically feasible to have the benefits promised to the public unions. It comes out of the hide of all the local people, who are not stupid — they move out. Meanwhile, the other half of you tax money is used to subsidize the breakdown of the urban family = poverty out the wazoo — a bunch of people who don’t produce any wealth, only consume and, in the case of public housing, normally destroy it. Meanwhile, they’re 70% of the criminals.

        Yayyyy, government. Good job at making things better. (I still don’t understand why people don’t trust freedom, and instead always vote to have governments force otherwise free people to fork over $$ and freedom???)

  91. workforlivn says:

    Black alone – 39,753 (49.8%)
    Hispanic – 31,019 (38.8%)
    White alone – 5,671 (7.1%)
    Asian alone – 1,869 (2.3%)

    Read more:

  92. Linny says:

    Why dont you people lay off 1/2 the Administrative Staff?

  93. JustSayin says:

    The city council will lay off cops and firefighters but keep the illiterate moron who manages the “CWEP” program: Quoted from the Camdem City website :

    “The CWEP Program is the welfare to work program. The Office of Youth Services trains people on welfare for the world of work in the following carriers: assistant youth couselor, receptionist, assistant teacher, assistant recreation leader, typist, word processing, and building maintenance.”

    Yeah, I’d hire someone this idiot trained…..

  94. rachim abdul says:

    I am glad we will see less intrusive crooks abusing our citizens.!
    Can,t wait to see nyc cops lose their jobs. How about tsa rapists undressing all of us geting laid off..!
    Who will cry when less people get abused for walking the street in nyc.?

  95. Larry says:

    This is just a stunt to get funding. They hope the state or the feds will come in with some money. If not, so be it. This is what you get with big government democrat socialists. They promise the world to get what they want and never deliver.

  96. DocArchilles says:

    So many political stunts. Take away public safety but keep all the other bureaucrats to fill out forms and keep the entitlement programs going and then BLAME the only guy trying to keep the state government in check.

    What a piece of work. Do they really believe these political stunts work and “rise up” the people?
    And I agree that add more legal concealed permits and get rid of the illegals and it would change the shape of Camden for the good.

  97. NORMA J says:

    You’re right Sheri, Texas is a wonderful state, wish I lived there. Ohio might be second best, I hope!!

  98. angryinadk says:

    As happened elsewhere, the citizen will not get police response for a burglary but walmart will get the cops right away for a petty shoplifter. Protect the big business and the government but not the people. All in the direction big brother wants. Let the people take care of themselves.

  99. Ran Hansen says:

    I wish Salt Lake County would do that. The county allowed a police agency (not a government entity) to impose a so-called extra “tax” on property owners giving the excuse it was not compromising on safety. I say we’d do just fine with 1/2 the police.

  100. Bruce Finkelstein says:

    How can Camden be dangerous? NJ has stringent gun laws. There’s even a guy jailed for 7 years for firearms he legally owned.

    1. eikilog says:

      Right. Lay off all the cops, NJ has made sure nobody has a gun, right?

  101. John Wayne says:

    It is time for Americans to start looking after each other again.

  102. MaryF says:

    There it is in a nutshell, the typical socialist and ignorantly spoiled attitude of blaming everything on someone else, “It’s the governors fault”. BS.
    When a city has the 2nd highest crime rate in the country it is not because they are unlucky, it is due to typical graft, unions and politics trying to control not run that city. They could clean it up if they wanted to but obviously it is more lucrative and costly to provide job security for all the hacks.

    1. Marsbondfire says:

      Bravo…could not have said it any better!

  103. Fluidizer says:

    I know, let’s all hold hands and have a sing-a-long! Then, we can all go down to the nearest elementary school and have a tasty health snack courtesy of Michele and Barry Obama.
    Granola bar anyone?

  104. Armed says:

    Haplo… you wont ever hear that….hear that slop-eating noise .. those are democrats feedin at the govt trough

    1. haplo says:

      No Armed……’s science….not Democrats.

      “The research evidence suggests that what police do may be far more important than how many of them there are.” The encyclopedia of police science, Volume I

  105. Mike says:

    This is what NJ deserves for restricting the 2nd amendment rights of its citizens. Maybe if they let people protect themselves, they wont need as many cops.

  106. Eddie says:

    I’ve said it till I’m blue in the face, and I’ll keep saying it till people “get it”:
    Don’t listen to what politicians say – Look at what they do!
    Elect Democrats and you deserve what you get.

    1. NORMA J says:

      you got that RIGHT!!! all the way across the country, even NOW THE WORLD

  107. guesst says:

    2 police officers can look the other way as well as 400.

  108. willie says:

    get rid of the illegals. they are over running and draining the schools, hospitals, and all social services.

  109. Shane says:

    Cops don’t stop crimes, they investigate them. You stop people from committing a crimes agiasnt you. If you don’t then the police investigate. They can’t and shouldn’t be everywhere. Arm yourself, its called the 2nd amendment.

    1. NORMA J says:

      YES! YES! YES! and AMEN

  110. snarky says:

    If there are any law abiding decent folk left in Camden they should get out now and let the city burn. After it’s razed then they can build affluent neighborhoods as the location is prime real estate. Camden is so messed up still because of the corruption for decades and it has never fully recovered from the race riots back in the 60’s. Talk to some old timers who lived there and they described the city like it was a paradise back in the day.

  111. jimmypop says:

    the locals in NJ are idiots.

    if you people dont realize your leadership cut who they did to PURPOSEFULLY cause you harm for political reasons, you deserve this and the harm it brings. what should have happened; your city hall should have become empty and your idiot leaders should start taking out their own garbage and cleaning their own offices.

    1. perrs says:

      Jimmypop you hit the nail on the head.

  112. Crazy Ed says:

    Throw’em a shinebox..

  113. Arthur Kade says:

    When I win my Oscar I’m putting Philly back on the map like I am doing right now on turning this city into a major player in the club and nightlife scene as Philly’s favorite son and #1 celebrity and actor which is something that will bring so much money into it that the police who are gone will be welcomed back. They will have my statue for saving Philly, Kade style, right next to Rocky. I own this town.

  114. yourmom says:

    It’s New Jersey, it’s not like it will get worse

  115. Williwam says:

    The people need to learn, once again How to look after themselves.

    This is a Good thing, bet you’ll find the crime rate actually drops.

    Nuff said.

    1. John says:

      ” bet you’ll find the crime rate actually drops.” -Williwam

      No duh it will drop! with far less cops on the streets there is going to be less arrests made.

      I bet you the rate of unsolved murders goes up..

      1. ronl says:

        hopefully all crooks

    2. Nathaniel Barebones says:

      Good point, thats the bet I would take. However, do you think mainstream media would report that?

  116. nobody says:

    This nation is obviously hurtling headlong towards a MASSIVE reset. If the voting process doesn’t work then it is entirely possible that patriots will be voting from the rooftops if you know what I mean. The real question is whether to stay or leave the U.S. before it gets really too dangerous. I’m watching the signs carefully, and this certainly is one. The quickening and government desperation is upon us.

    1. Shadow says:

      To what place are you going to flee? In what other country can you secure your personal safety?

  117. Hadyn says:

    Camden should be merged with Newark.

  118. J.S. says:

    Q. Why not FORGO UNION PAY RAISES, FREE MEDICAL CARE, RETIREMENT PACKAGES, OVERTIME until Camden City balances it budget during these hard times INSTEAD OF LAYING OFF POLICE WORKERS – tighten their belts like the rest of us have had to do?

    1. HardCase says:

      That would be too simple.
      This is a classic example of what governments do when people rebel at higher taxes. The govs reduce the workforce and cry real loud when they could cut costs in other areas.

      1. Thomas Foyd says:

        I Agree that it is a tactic mostly used by democrat councils to scare people into higher taxes or they point the finger at someone else. Unfortunately, these same idiots will be voted back into office by he people complaining.

  119. Frodo Mocho says:

    This is absolutely correct. This is a bunch of snarky libs saying we’re going to make you pay for liking a decent governor. These low life punk city so called leaders aught to be trash canned thrown out on there behinds, taken to the city limits and told where to get off.

  120. philinnyc says:

    Typical blue state. This is what happens to Obama supporters.

    1. YANNIC says:


    2. NORMA J says:

      put a totally inexperienced person in the most important office in theWORLD and this is what you get!! eveidently Camden is the same case

  121. Boetica says:

    Camden: Isn’t that the city where the three black teenagers who were going to college in the Fall were murdered execution style by an illegal alien? The mayor said he had no intention of repealing the sanctuary city policy. Or was that Newark?

    1. NJman says:

      Boetica: that was Newark.

  122. George says:

    Buy a gun, remain aware, take responsibility for your actions = police not needed. Or, keep paying a bunch of high school rejects to “protect” you.

    1. Paul Armola says:

      I’m a police officer in Toldeo Ohio. For your information the standard requirement for most municipal officers across the country is a college degree. That said, you are right about politicians using public safety layoffs as a threat to the taxpayer for not towing the line. Most cities, in particular those run by Democrats spend large on social programs and now the money is running or has run out. Moreover union infiltration into most areas of government was well as manufacturing is the root of most of these issues. Democrats as I have ntoiced over the years come to the table with an entitlement mentality; That includes politicians. P.S. I have a college degree from U of M, Go Blue

      1. Mark says:

        College boy, eh? It’s toe the line, not tow. As in “put your toes on the line” for inspection or assembly. To conform.

  123. Bernie says:

    It will be interesting to see, but in an old Malcolm Gladwell book,
    he foung that crime dropped in cities where police forces were cut.
    That being said, his prime example offered was New Orleans, and
    the book was written before Katrina. Ah well, time will tell, thankfully
    I am Canadian, we were brought up to behave like thinking human
    beings. Good luck to all of you, personally, I fly through Mexico City
    (less intrusive – safer, incredibly), when I have to go south….

  124. Pat Young says:

    That’s really an intelligent decision…half the Police force. And yet I suppose the unfunded pensions still come in for the government workers and the environmentalists still get their billions. Why don’t they lay off the National Guard as well? That will really get the juices flowing. But whatever you do, never cut taxes for the wealthy…they can just move somewhere else right?

  125. Vito Fenucci says:

    When the pizza delivery guy gets to your house faster than the cops you have a problem. This guarantees that.

  126. John says:

    Get Rid of the Politicians. They are the problem.

    We all need the Police & Fire departments.

    1. 2nd amendment guy says:

      We need firefighters. We don’t need cops. Enact a right to carry a concealed weapon law, so normal people can defend themselves. It’s proven that crime drops 30%-40% almost overnight when you do that. more than 30 other states in the union have proved that.

  127. Mark says:

    Police and firefighters are being disproportionately targeted for layoffs. This is a cynical means of making the public feel the most pain possible as a result of the budget mess.

  128. Nik says:

    This should be a lesson to everyone, the cuts could have come from non-essential Govt. positions but instead of doing what is right for the citizens they decided to scare people into paying more taxes. Seriously use your brains, you are telling me that the park employees, or buses, or street workers, or govt. office employees, etc are not able to get the axe to save money and are more important than the police?

    1. TeaBagger says:

      Almost all government is non-essential.

      1. NORMA J says:

        if only they’d do what they’re supposed to do!!
        Protect the country from outside influences, and attacks. Instead of deplete our safety systems!
        make immigrants go the route of all new peoples wanting to live here!
        this system is soooo broken. Amnest in this situation is only “BUYING VOTES”

  129. rugdog says:

    Lay off the rest of the cops now. Plz.

  130. cgent47 says:

    Do like we do out here in Idaho. Pack your own protection. No need for a bunch of cops.

  131. John says:

    They ran out of OPM.

    Go Gov. Christie!

  132. hammerhead says:

    I hope when the crime really gets bad and gets into the neighborhoods it includes the stupid azwholes on the city council that have taken the front line protection off the streets

    1. ManUp says:

      First line of protection is yourself – NOT A COP. Man up Hammerhead. Stop looking to your government to protect you. Be a man and protect your family instead of hiding behind a cop (that is probably out to exploit you too).

      1. Tom M says:

        How do you protect your family if you can’t legally carry a concealed weapon??

      2. ManUp says:

        Tom M

        I live in a very affluent area of northern Bergen County. We have very few cops in our town. We don’t need them much more than to write a speeding ticket every so often. The sh!tb^gs criminals that destroy inner cities that rob and rape don’t usually make enough money to live among us in northern Bergen County, and if they do, they like their home area to be nice, so they don’t sh!t where they eat. Also, almost everyone in town is a gun owner. Hot burglaries almost never happen around here because the criminal know that we are well armed in our houses.

        Right now, I can’t protect myself if I run into a group of carjackers when I’m with my family. The way the laws are written now, if I were to use deadly force with a firearm outside of my home to cease my wife from being raped, I would go to jail. I’d like the right to defend my person, family, or even your family if need be, but as it is now, the only option I have is to call a cop after it’s all over.

        More than 30 other states have enacted right to carry laws including NY, DE, PA, CT. We are surrounded by may issue or generous shall issue states. What’s the difference between those 4 states and NJ??? Are they smarter than us? Do they have more or less dangerous criminals? What’s the counter argument here?

  133. 2nd Amendment Guy says:

    Simple answer to this.

    Enact a right to carry a concealed weapon law that makes it easy for law abiding citizens to carry a concealed weapon. More than 30 other states in the Union have enacted legislation like this and violent crime in those states dropped between 30%-40% overnight – WITH NOT COST TO THE TAX PAYER!!!! You can’t possibly hire enough cops to drop crime that low. When are the people and politician in Jersey going to wake up????? The only people that are armed are bad guys. How about allowing the good guys to even the playing field. There is absolutely no counter argument that makes any logic. I’ve heard them all. Time for the “People” of this state to start manning up and taking care of themselves. Cops sure don’t care. Half the cops in Camden are running dug and prostituion rings themselves.

    1. hollywoodron says:

      I’m sorry you are wrong… we all know criminals follow gun laws! Hello!!!!!!?????

      1. 2nd Amendment guy says:

        Hollywoodron, I don’t understand your point, or is that your point???? That seems to be the point of all anti-gun people. They don’t think, they just feel. People that don’t think are more dangerous that an armed mugger on the street. I understand what you feel. You’d like to live in a world where nobody has guns and everyone got along just great with no bullies and no body being victimized – AND SO WOULD I!!!!!!!! I’d love to live in that “perfect society”. The thing is; that ideal only lives on in fantasy. We live in a very real, cold and cruel world. Camden is one of the cruelest!!

        Yes, you are correct. Bad guys will still have guns because they have total disregard for law, but you are giving good guys (people that are lawful) the right to protect themselves if you enact right to carry laws.

        Imaging being a 19 year old single mother in Camden trying to raise her 2 year old son the right way. She works as a waitress. He lives in a 1 room studio apartment. She is doing her absolute best to keep her baby and herself safe. What is she to do? Call a cop to watch her walk to work and the day care every day???? Cops would laugh at her. Her only recourse is to protect herself and her son. If you enact a right to carry law, she will no longer have to depend on cops to “not be around” when she needs them.

        Read John R. Lott. John holds a Ph.D. He is well respected by both sides of the gun control debate. Years ago, John set out to prove to the world with good hard factual research that guns should be banned from the earth. John was very into gun control. John is a smart and educated man. John did years of research, and you know what he found????? John became an advocate of allowing guns in the hands of law abiding citizens. He set out to prove to the world that guns should be banned, but all of his years of research proved the counter to the argument. John discovered with real research that more guns = less crime. John is a lot smarter than you and me. John is a thinker and researcher.

        Fact: more than 30 states in the Union have right to carry laws, so that normal people like me, you, your kids’ teachers, firefighters, lawyers, coaches, landscapers, and anyone else you know that is a good person.

        Fact: of all the states that have enacted right to carry laws, they all reported between 30%-40% drop in violent crime – ALMOST OVERNIGHT!

        Fact: right to carry laws cost the tax payers nothing if done right.

        Argue that Mr. Hollywoodron!

  134. Matthew Weaver says:

    Surely there are other non-law enforcement areas to make layoffs? Like administrative staff? Such as any non-mandated social service program.

  135. sailordude says:

    What city jobs did they keep before the police and fire fighters?

    1. Jake says:

      Exactly! The Liberals spend into a frenzy and when they run out of money the first thing to go are the things that we really need. It’s their way of punishing the taxpayer for not being willing to pay more taxes.

  136. JERSEYRED says:

    Is there anything left in Camden that’s worth stealing?

    1. 2nd Amendment guy says:

      LOL. Maybe a little soup.

  137. JACK says:


  138. DaveL says:

    Too bad its all the younger guys that will get the heave ho like in all unionized layoffs. The Union die hards that get the biggest pay and benefits are last to go. Funny how that works, they have to let go many more younger guys to get the money back that the blood suckers took.

  139. Chuck says:

    I hope the liberals who voted for gun control will have fun negotiating with the nice people who have broken into their homes for a sweet little rob and rape festival.

    1. hollywoodron says:

      No way dude! When they see the “No Guns Allowed” sign, those criminals will hang their head low and exit apologetically!

  140. MadCharles says:

    Go Union city worker, You got what you vote for.

  141. t jefferson says:

    while I applaud cops when they are protecting us, more and more they have become the strong arm of tyrannical government and enforcing unconstitutional lawq against the citizens of this republic. Therefore, I cannot say I am sorry to see them go. In fact, I prefer freedom and constitutional government over safety. So LEO’s, a word to the wise…you are making your own bed by violating your oath against the people. Time to take a stand if you want the people back on your side.

    1. fa says:

      one word said it all in the article “Union.”

      1. Ted says:

        fa, I counted two words: Union and NJ. This blue state is full of progressive, blood suckin’ union types.

        Gov. Christie has a huge mess to clean up.

        God help Gov. Christie.

    2. renegade21 says:

      Bravo t jefferson…Bravo! Well said!

  142. jin says:

    good to meany cops in the usa police state

  143. billy the kid says:

    i know what i’m going to be doing
    its to the gun shops and range for me
    here we go 1880 dodge city
    i’ll bet you crime will drop as soon as the crooks see how meany folkds got glocks and 12 ga repeaters

  144. John says:

    Don’t worry about the laid off police officers. When the riots start and spread to the suburbs the police will be hired back with combat pay bonuses. Gov. “Boss hog” Christie will be rode out on a rail. We have money for fat cat politicians, bankers, corporate types, and for bailouts to the elite scammers foreign and domestic, but the people can stew in their own juices. This is our “let them eat cake moment” and things are gonna get ugly after the holidays. Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we all will die.

  145. doogle says:

    Oh, and HAPLO…you idiot.

    The government’s PRIMARY function is to provide a safe environment for its citizens. Police and fire rank at the top when it comes to protection…

    No, the healthcare nurse down at the free clinic handing out rubbers isn’t what protection means…

    1. haplo says:

      ok, idiot or should I say lemming…care to back up what you are saying? I care to back up what I’m saying.

      “The research evidence suggests that what police do may be far more important than how many of them there are.” The encyclopedia of police science, Volume I

  146. Buck N Farack says:

    If there are any decent law abiding people left in Camden get out now. Leave this hell hole to the monsters left. Once it’s all burned down just g back and clean up the mess.

    1. Ray says:

      Buck n Farack. You are an uniformed moron. Now go back to your parents basement where you belong.

    2. Ted says:

      Excellent point, Mr. “Buck N Farack.”

      Liberal experiments like NJ, CA, NY, MI, etc… are finally beginning to feel the consequences of their decades of liberal voting.

      Hopefully Gov. Christie can save the rest of the State.

  147. Rocket88 says:

    When it is to late you will stop Union and Democrats.
    If you look and listen the largest percentage of Cities and States in financial
    trouble have for years controlled by Democrat political Machines.
    Just keep returning them to power. I grew up in a Democrat machine in a city called East St Louis Ill. For over 50 years the city has been controlled by Democrats.
    That city is gone forever. Now you are doing the same thing. Camden is doomed if they keep reelecting Democrats who are supported by Unions gone bad.

  148. go john says:

    Interesting no one seems to feel sorry for the town at all go Governor Christie you seem to have some balls

  149. Richard says:

    Such poor management is perhaps why they are the second most dangerous city to begin with.

  150. Eugene Debs says:

    It shouldn’t hurt Camden at all if the Progressives are telling the truth. Camden is just a big place with lots of law abiding workers and commonfolk who want nothing more than to cultivate their gardens and work for each other’s benefit, so losing a few cops and firemen shouldn’t lead to anything bad happening.

    It’s only the professional unions who milk the workers for their dues that are angry, and they shouldn’t be. Camden is made of good people.

  151. chick says:

    Illegal Immigrants have sucked this country dry. Now we are feeling the effects of supporting another nation.

  152. Marty812 says:

    We would all lose our social security benefits so however good it may seem, I don’t think most people would want it.

  153. haplo says:

    Last I read, more police doesn’t necessarily mean safer streets. What really cracks me up is hearing all of you die hard republicans who want smaller and less government whine about a smaller GOVERNMENT work force.

    1. Dave says:

      Less cops and carry permits for law abiding citizens works for me.

    2. John says:

      Idiot, that means less government programs, not less government employees.

  154. Doc says:

    of course, they’d never think about cutting salaries and benefits to keep the cops on the job.

    1. wncchester says:

      “City Counsel” did what politicians do when they spend more than they have; they cut critical programs rather than administrative fat. That process always works to force the peons to accept ever higher taxes and the pols win. Again,.

      1. kenneth says:

        You are exactly right

      2. cv says:

        You have obviously never been out of the US. There are plenty, PLENTY of countries where safety does not mean giving some crew-cut punk with a uniform every right to harrass citizens with virtual impunity. Safety? It’s always a question of degree, don’t you think? The way the US is going they are a short breath away from placing a policeman in each and every home, reporting on the families on a daily basis and issuing permissions to the household members to even go to their bathroom.. Conversely, if absolute safety means so much to you, there is a more economic way to achieve it than just paying swarms of cops mega bucks, power and benefits: Just die. Then you can maintain your status quo at no charge at all.

  155. Riquin says:

    Why local police when they can fire the TSA child molesters.

  156. RushRocks says:

    Funny, the rest of us would rather just build a wall around Camden. Sooner or later it would fill with water.

  157. Gil says:

    Have you ever noticed that the cities in deep trouble have been run by Democrats for years on end? And they keep re-electing them!

    Normal Americans realize that when you run out of money you need to cut spending, but we would cut the administrative pencil pushers – not the police in a hell-hole like Camden! And people are up in arms for NOT spending more of the money the state DOES NOT HAVE? What the hell is wrong with you? Get real.

    It’s like the teachers that whine about not having paper and pencils for the children. The AVERAGE annual expenditure per student in NJ is $17,000. No pencils? What the hell are they spending it on then? (the education system – another Democrat-run institution).

    1. Ted says:

      Good point, Gil! People who vote Democrat haven’t learned anything.

  158. Towerclimber says:

    The police have no duty to protect the people but they sure do have the duty to Jail them when they even ATTEMPT to exercise their 2nd amendment right.
    SHALL not be infringed means just that and yet these bureaukratniks will be the first to tell you that you have the right to die but not to protect yourselves….

    I suggest you start by getting rid of your city council, institute a concealed carry amendment and open up courses on concealed carry.

    Oh, and FIRE THE UNIONS!!!

  159. David says:

    Has anyone checked to see how many Gov. employees in Camden are getting a fat pension? I bet there’s more getting fat cat salary pensions than employees on the current payroll. The dirty little secret no-one wants to talk about…pensions.

  160. sam says:

    Sing along with me now people ‘ obama’s gonna change it and rearrange it, obama’s gonna change the world’ ….what a joke and a lie modern liberalism is!

  161. RazzleDazzle says:

    Camden is Planet of the Apes! Where is Roddy McDowell to save them? The cops should live in subway tunnels until we can rebuild the city.

  162. Honest John says:

    Consider all of the taxpayer money that is UTTERLY WASTED on the public school bureaucracies including sports programs! I’d bet the numbers from Camdem would be mind boggling – as they would from most Democrat controlled areas. Hey, not that the Repubs aren’t bad enough, BUT the Dems are completely over the top.

  163. Honest John says:

    Government workers and their sycophants in the welfare state actually believe that they are the “important ones” – hence the outrageously high salaries and benefits. Why on earth are we taxpayers, funding NPR and the NEA? Why are we funding lavish parties for the White House folk? Why all the enormous travel expenses for US govt folk? Are their trips really that important??? Surely they think so – an Alice in Wonderland mentality.

  164. Thom says:

    Liberalism = failure, spending too much money, and an inferior education. Great job Camden, wow you guys are so smart! Keep voting Democrat!

  165. Craig says:

    Very strange isn’t it that localities with the strictest gun laws also have the highest crime rates in the nation. Localities which have laws which make it easy for the average citizen to both own and carry a gun have the lowest crime rates. Gosh one would think the liberals would have enough brains to figure out that the type of gun laws that places like Ny and NJ have simply do not work!

    1. Mike says:

      Strict gun laws in Camden? There are probably ten guns fior every person in Camden…

      1. amplitude jones says:

        victim disarming schemes are murder by proxy and are treason. If we hanged all who voted for gun control, our problems would vanish.

  166. Paul says:

    I want to move there…Sounds exciting

  167. pinion says:

    Come to MN, at least we don’t pay our city officials fortunes.

    1. RobbieK says:

      That’s because Minnesota is a cheap skate State! Believe me, I’ve been there. Sky high home prices and paltry wages and salaries.

  168. BenFranklin says:

    I had a dream, that little black children, and white children and red children and yellow children grow up and learn their government is a corporation bent on working the people like a nazi concentration camp and they banded together and beat their computers in to weapons and defeated these thugs with badges and bankers in business suits and got their Republic back…god help us if we don’t have that story to tell our grandkids

    1. Jacamina says:

      BenFranklin, I couldn’t agree more with your analogy. If people don’t learn history, it will repeat itself. Right now, with all the riots in Europe, it’s like we are repeating the 1930s all over again! And if American’s don’t wake up and get their head out of the sand, America’s Republic will become just like the Roman Empire…and again, if you know history, then you will know what happened there!

      1. Jean says:

        It’s coming here – get ready!

  169. Dan says:

    This is just the first part of the government bubble bursting much like the tech bubble, housing bubble, and all the other bubbles. Its just sad the doughnut eaters will have to find a real job and not be able to spend the day riding around hassling people.

    Its about time, we have too many cops, too many prisons, and too many laws on the books. Time to get lean and productive again.

    1. Soapymac says:

      …and just where do ou stand on our Second Amendment rights?

    2. RobbieK says:

      WRONG. There are WAY too many prisons and jails. Bring back the old days where people can join the Army and get out of jail. 60% of the jail population shouldn’t be in there anyway.

    3. M. Fortas says:

      We have WAY TOO MANY prisons and cops. Everything is a violation of the law these days. Personally, I’m glad these cities are cutting the fat. America has more people in jail than any country in the world…including China, which has one BILLION MORE people. Something is wrong with that picture.

      You can read countless stories each week about overzealous DA’s trying to make a name for themselves throwing innocent people in Jail. Look at that guy in NJ serving 7 years for just possessing two guns and not threatening anyone.

      These cops and DA’s seem to go after the innocent public–never the gang bangers or drug kingpins–they’re afraid they might get hurt.

      Compared to 30 years ago this is one f-upped country. Only scared, little people with small minds want more government, more jails, more “authorities” and more people in prison.

    4. RC says:

      Now if we can just get them to layoff a lot of the non-productive administration people they will be on the path to full recovery. It never ceases to amaze me that a liberal always wants to hurt the voter so they only cut essential services and never the bloated overhead of the government. Perhaps now is the time to try real cuts and real savings.

  170. Justin Timberlake says:

    I thought the Federal stimulus was supposed to “save” these jobs. What a bunch of horse$h!t!!

  171. ftknoxinfo says says:

    “Urban Renewal”

  172. j estes says:

    send jobs over seas
    means no rev-anew, no corp taxes, less funds, government waste, bet the conceal did not take pay cut or side line one of there pork projects,

    1. RobbieK says:

      And you can blame ol’ Clinton for that. It all happened when he gave China most favored nation status.

      1. D parige says:

        And the NAFTA and WTO and congress gave china most favored trading status. NO jobs No money. Perot was right but he’s just a crazy old man, right?

  173. Justin Case says:

    I think it is time to get a map of where all the banks in Camden are. Sounds like easy pickings to me. Loot the government buildings. Who will stop you? Not the liberals who will only help haul the gasoline for $5 an hour. California doesn’t need to fall into the ocean, it has already fell into the hands for liberals. Need a job robbing and killing people?, come to San Francisco or San Jose and you get a ‘get out of jail free’ card. But if you are not an illegal alien and have assets the government can take, steal or confiscate, be prepared to give it up or be shot dead by the corrupt police and city attorneys hear who get paid by the criminals to look the other way.

    1. MIDI-mayhem says:

      exactly why tell everyone ….they think crinimals cant read or spel .same thing in s.f. when the weekly said the police dont investigate most misdemeanors like car break-ins or theft oh woops did I say that.

  174. marco says:

    WOW, the donut shops are gonna be sad.

  175. Bob says:

    Just Google image search ‘camden nj ghetto’ to learn all you need to know.

  176. worldfullofidiots says:

    God bless the Police and Fire professionals soon losing their jobs. We are moving to becoming a third world country!

  177. Dave says:

    We need police and teachers unions to accept significant pay cuts. Additionally, and just as importantly, we need to require significant benefit cuts in he form os higher medical premium co-pays, higher deductibles, longer benefit vesting schedules, later retirements, reduced post retirement medical benefits, elimination of COLAS, etc. He private sector largely completed these cuts over the past 10 years to remain competitive and reduce the need for layoffs but the public sector has delayed the inevitable and are still relying primarily on layoffs rather than changing the price hey pay for labor. The unions can blame themselves for the result, not the Governor.

  178. BBUB DC says:

    Shut up and live with it. You elected you politicians and got what you wanted. TOUGH COOKIES.

  179. serr8d says:

    New Jersey just sent a man to prison for 7 years for having an unloaded gun locked in the trunk of his car! This sorry State won’t even allow private citizens to self-protect. What a bunch of lefty losers.

    TANSTAAFL, people. Take back your government, your streets. Arm yourself. Be STRONG AMERICANS AGAIN !

    1. booger says:

      Amen Brother, lock and load

  180. George says:

    Now this is change you can believe in! I bet Camden voted at least 90% for Obama and I’m laughing my arse off.

  181. Dredd says:

    Who needs cops? Your strict gun laws should keep you safe, right?

  182. ty says:


  183. sparkey says:

    Well, since there will be very little police protection now, there is only one thing to do. Kill the person who broke into your house, dig out the bullet, and take the now dead thief two mile down the road and dump him in the ditch. Problem solved.

    1. John Smith says:

      It costs to much to drive 2 miles down the road

  184. Jason says:

    You vote for Obama and his far left policies, you get Obama results…LOL! Living large in Houston, TX.

    1. Matt says:

      We have Annise Parker. Houston is great, but as long as she is mayor slashing HPD’s budget we are in no place to brag.

  185. Greg says:

    Wait a minute. Isn’t New Jersey a gun free, or at least highly regulated concerning gun ownership? Didn’t this state just lock up a guy for merely possessing guns? Guns that he didn’t threaten anyone with. Guns that he was legally licensed to own in another state.

    So how can they have a high crime rate? Criminals can’t own guns, right? Why would you need police? The ones you have have nothing better to do than to search peoples houses and cars for possible guns. There clearly can’t be any crime of note. Why not lay off the police? Obvously the people of New Jersey are getting the rewards of their hard earned decision at the ballot box.

    Please none of you move to Tennessee.

    1. Elmer says:

      Heck no! Don’t come to Tennessee! Don’t need the tax minded libs coming here!

  186. com says:

    no cops no fireman – insurance is gonna skyrocket

    1. John Smith says:

      Probably not cause to do-gooder leaders & politicians will pass a law that says you can’t raise premiums if you want to do business in NJ

  187. Docleadfoot says:

    I love every comment on this board. Sounds like Everyone outside of Camden has common sense. I agree with the writer who wrote to bulldoze Camden into the Delaware River. Same way I feel about California.

    1. Docleadfoot says:

      By the way, I left NY and moved to WI. They have open carry.

    2. Red Bill says:

      and the U.N. (the East River).

    3. Ivan R. Vernon says:

      I take exception to this. California is too far away to bulldoze into the Delaware River.

  188. Russ says:

    Cities which have been almost exclusively run by Democrats for many years are all in the financial toilet. Cities and states run by conservatives (mostly Republicans) are in much better shape. Democrats don’t think they are doing anything at all unless they are spending money chasing problems or funding feel-goods.

  189. Rick says:

    We just need to ask everyone to give up their guns. Get with it you naive conservatives!!!

    1. Gary says:

      Ha! Yeah….I’m sure all those honest ‘criminals’ in New Joisey will comply with that, “ask everyone to give up their guns”! Ha ha ha ha… slay me!

    2. moon says:

      That will work All of the honest people will give up their guns. With only half the Cops and an unarmed public the crooks will rule.

  190. Thats Racist! Whhaaaaa!wha says:

    The City of Camden needs to update their shield in that picture to be more politically correct and reflective of the hood, I mean neighborhood. All I see are a couple of hard working white folks, LOL!

  191. govcheese says:

    Non-uniformed Camden city workers, unionized no less, should have no problem adjusting to unemployment. They won’t be doing any more work than government workers do now and they will still get their government unemployment and benefits for years before they have to start thinking of getting a real job.

  192. John says:

    Buy yourself a weapon and take control of your life the cops will show up to fill out the paperwork in the meantime you might be dead. If you don’t know who Joe Horn is look him up. We in Texas don’t play and while we have crime I can promise you that it is not nearly as high as if you don’t know if that house the criminal is about to break into on the other end might be a 12 guage or mug someone and they might be legally packing a Glock 45 cal. Conceal Carry stops crime.

    1. RobbieK says:

      I disagree! Texas’s gun laws are HORRIBLE and wussy. Concealed carry is a JOKE & should be against the law! Open carry WORKS! The 2nd Amendment says we have the right to bear arms. That means ANYWHERE, not just in our homes and cars. In Texas, you can have a weapon inside your home and inside your car. Otherwise, the law here is an absolute joke.

  193. Bob says:

    Agree. When the SHTF the blacks and Mexicans will declare an ongoing kill whitey open season. (As opposed to ‘Beat Whitey Night.’) Get out or get armed, preferably both.

  194. Derek Elliot says:

    And how long have the Democrats been in control of Camden, NJ?

    1. Larry says:

      They have been in control for over 10 years or more so that shows me right there Democrats have ruined this country. Republicans are not far behind them. Thank God we have some real Americans and conservatives in office Like Christy. I hate that people have to lose their jobs but Government should not have grown it as large as it did in the first place because it is unsustainable and they knew it which is why they did it so the economy would crumble.

    2. Ken says:

      Democrat-Liberal-Socialistic management never works long term

  195. avoicenmany says:

    NO Unions for public sector employees….
    And yes the first to go are first responders, never admin, and never bloated pet projects that have little if no use. But one huge reason they are in the hole is the stupid salaries and benefit packages unionized workers drain out of the system, look in the auto sector to see that. There was a time that what unions are doing would be a criminal offense. But we need not fear we have Holder at the DOJ looking out for, errrrr, oh yeah unions.
    HAHA I remember when it was said, having a “I gave to he state police” bumper sticker would help you not get pulled over as quick, I guess that sticker needs to say SEIU now…

    1. Russ says:

      This is how the government forces the citizens to submit to their spending and taxation – when money gets tight, instead of addressing the waste and patronage and pork they immediately go to cut something that will hurt the taxpayers. THAT will show them! And the residents of Camden are told they should blame the governor who did NOT get the city into its financial hole (and cannot afford to bail them out of it).

  196. Keith says:

    funny how the cities that have the most restrictive hand gun laws also have the highest crime rates DC, Chicago, New York, Baltimore, Oakland, LA,

  197. John Russelll says:

    Whites who make the foolish cholice to remain in that city had better arm themselves and relaize that most blacks could not care less about community survival…only for themselves. Be ready to defend youself and your family’s life at all costs.

  198. Revolution says:

    People need to get an AK-47 asap! The country is starting to unravel and the economy is never coming back. The government is just delaying and lying at every turn. You want to be ready when the shooting starts.

  199. C says:

    They should have got themselves a Jerry Brown character, then everyone would be working and getting overtime too!

    1. tyrone says:

      and getting paid with money they dont have until they go bankrupt and anarchy breaks out

    2. Pushy Peasant says:

      & not getting paid because the state is broke

  200. DrNick says:

    Saw a bumper sticker last week: “Vote Democrat: it’s easier than working”

    1. Justin Timberlake says:


    2. Jayson Wallker says:

      Vote a pure REPUBLICAN government.. it’s easier than eating, paying your bills, or getting ANY medical care.

  201. Prophet says:

    In the future there will be nomadic hordes of entitlement suckers that migrate to any city or county that doles out the most money for them. Oh, maybe it’s already happening with the illegal aliens.

    1. Chuck K says:

      That is why California is full of illegals and going broke.

  202. Mirimichi says:

    I find it interesting that they tried to put the blame on Chris Christie.

  203. DrNick says:

    What a bunch of rats this city council is. I’ll bet every person who has commented on this story could save more money without laying off a single cop or firefighter.

    Typical Democrats.

  204. stu says:

    Guess what ladies, it you want to feel safe, BUY A GUN. and vote out the vaginal waste politicians that say gun owners are criminals. If the crooks are afraid of YOU, then you are safe. If you New Jersey sissies knew how to take care of yourself like we can in the midwest, you would not need to pay so much for body guards. Grow up and take care of yourselves.

  205. Where's the sanity? says:

    Ha, email the clowns and tell them how you really feel.

  206. AtlasObjectivist says:

    Welcome to Obama World. Cloward-Piven Strategy in full effect.

  207. August says:

    The state has given so many people LIFELONG LIFE-LIMITING CRIMINAL RECORDS for make-believe crimes created out of thin air by on-the-take crooked lawmakers that you workers have to pay for PERFECTLY ABLE BODIED PEOPLE’S welfare for life….

    Did you know men who are not allowed to work make lots of babies they can’t pay for?

  208. Dannytheman says:

    Better change those Draconion gun laws now! Time for residents to bear arms.

  209. DeJordy says:

    It is the union, not the city , that is laying off people

  210. funkonaut says:

    Why is it that the first thing that gets cut is security protection (fire, police) and not welfare, public education, entitlements, etc.? At the most basic level government should protect the right of the individual to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    1. shooter says:

      How dare you post something that makes sense?

      1. larry says:

        Hahahahahahahaha….I loved this reply..Hahahahahhaha

      2. Jonny says:


    2. Paul Clare says:

      easy! That outrages the public more — all in hopes that the public outcry will force the governor to free up more money. Just go to your backyard and pull some off the money tree there.

      Of course, there is no more money!

    3. Mark says:

      It’s the governments way of saying, I’ll start shooting hostages if you don’t pay up… in more taxes.

  211. Vinnster says:

    Have you noticed , they never lay off administrators or secretaries…it is always the first responders they lay off to extort or black mail the populous to do as the government says…Progressives always try to extort the middle class, so they can control them.

  212. jnsesq says:

    Typical liberal ploy. Remember it well from my Boston years. Cops and firemen are the first to go. “We’ll show you!” Make it hurt so the public will plead for anything, including higher taxes, to be “safe” again.

  213. Clayton says:

    Good riddance to the public union employee parasites. The unions are destroying the Camden middle class and cops and firemen are to blame..

    1. Vince says:

      I totally agree. SEIU = end of the middle class.

  214. GarandFan says:

    It’s the City Council that should be fired.

  215. August says:

    This what happens when you let the employees set their own pay; they will ALWAY bankrupt you!

  216. Lewis Sanborn says:

    LIBERALS WON’T READ THIS, but it’s LIBERAL NJ that recently sentenced a man to 7 years for possessing hollow-point ammunition and transporting his two licensed handguns into the state without a “transport” permit. A tax-paying, otherwise law-abiding American citizen, gets 7 years for ignorance of draconian LIBERAL gun laws. NJ is an ABORTION.

    1. August says:

      And you taxpayers ARE GETTING the $500,000 bill (with a criminal record like that taxpayers will be supporting him for the rest of his life)!


  217. Jim Shores says:

    Somebody ought to get a Comprehensive Anual Financial Report (CAFR) on this city analized. It will reveal 2 sets of books. These crooks have gazillions hidden, stashed away for their use. Hang them high.

  218. Cramer says:

    Sounds to me like it’s about time the citizens take up arms, defend their neighborhoods from these parasite criminals and get rid of their incompetent government. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR COMMUNITY. BE AN EXAMPLE TO YOUR CHILDREN AND THE REST OF THIS APATHETIC NATION. The day of reckoning has arrived.

    1. David says:

      They can’t. See article about man sentenced to 7 years for legally purchased firearms in NJ!!!!

      1. ed says:

        he didnt purchase firearms in NJ he bought it when he lived in another state and moved to NJ and left it in the trunk disarmed. my question is probable cause to search the car as it was sitting in the drive and not in any primary offense

  219. Scott says:

    Pass a conceled carry law and you won’t need those policemen. The criminals will think twice when their victims start pulling guns on them.

    1. Olegunny says:

      Right on. Leaving a few punks on the floor in 7/11 would be a good thing.

    2. RobbieK says:

      Like I said, concealed carry is a JOKE! Open Carry is the BEST! Very few people have the time to wait forever for a concealed carry license, or have the time to go through the course. The 2nd Amendment gives us the right to keep and bear arms. Well, that means we get to carry them wherever we want, concealed or not for protection. Believe me, cops would rather see citizens armed than not.

  220. Krisso says:

    That is such an “excellent” example of leadership.
    It wasn’t our fault, it was theirs. I didn’t do it.
    Council President Frank Morgan’s comment stating; “We didn’t put a price tag on public safety. Unfortunately, the governor of the State of New Jersey put that price tag on it.”
    It is not the responsibility of the STATE to finance LOCAL government. It is the LOCAL government’s job to finance their LOCALITY.
    Residents in Camden, may want to see what indeed their council is paying for in their budget, and find out why they can’t afford the safety personnel.

    1. Just A. Citizen says:


  221. ITOLDU says:

    HAHAHAH! You citizens voted for these bozos now you whine and moan about what it gets you?! Suck it up, you get the government you deserve…hope and change suckers!

  222. Mel Lingerman says:

    Check out where these “leaders” are actually spending the money of the taxpayers. I GUARANTEE they are giving millions of public dollars to local “pastors” and “community” groups. It’s their power base and now that the amount of takers in the city has overtaken the givers, they are pulling the doomsday lever.

  223. jgreene says:

    New Jersey is a gulag for people who want to protect themselves. Concealed Carry would do much to protect citizens in sewers like Camden.

    Also it should be simple to get a handgun for home protection. The problem also is that so many of the residents of the worse cities have a criminal record.

    Bottom line, stay clear of Camden; if you live in Camden buy a shotgun and protect yourself.

  224. Phyllis D Anderson says:

    I would be thanking God if they would cut half of ALL police officers nation wide. If the ones left would not waste our time and money extorting money from hard working tax paying citizens for not remembering to buckle up, or going 58 in a 50 that should be 70, or whatever, they would have plenty of man power to solve real crimes. The more police the less freedom we have.

    1. Grumpy says:

      Sounds like you have been stopped recently for a traffic violation. You were stopped for doing 58/50. You received a citation for speeding. Then you received a citation for not wearing your seatbelt. Then you started yelling at the officer he/she should be out solving real crimes and not harassing the public for minor infractions. When that failed you probably demanded his/her badge number (at the bottom of the ticket stupid) so you get his/her job. When that failed you probably went for the Jugular Vein and told the officer you paid his salary!
      I’ll bet you don’t know there are over 2 million traffic crashes a year with 40 thousand deaths. I’ll bet you don’t know that most of the crashes are caused by minor infractions. So the next time you are driving on the interstate maybe you will see a dead person hanging out of an SUV that just rolled over several times. If the seatbelt, a minor infraction, had been used the person may have survived.
      Have a nice day and please buckle up!

  225. johnc says:

    Things that make you go hmmmm

    Camden – Nations 2nd most dangerous city
    New Jersey – Some of the nations strictest gun control laws

    The ‘progressives’ have taken the honest mans guns now they are going to hang you out to dry….

  226. Nevelo says:

    Hmm. High ranking AFL-CIO members. Self-described activists for blue-collar workers. Workforce “investment” members. Sounds like a bunch of progressives to me, and up to their old tricks.

    “We can’t possibly cut the bloated entitlement spending that redistributes money to people who would otherwise have to take responsibility for themselves. No, we’ll just cut the most necessary and only justifiable thing that government could possibly do. And it’s all the republicans fault!!!”

  227. KBK says:

    Say, if Camden wants these services, then tax the people in Camden to pay for them. Why should the state fund these local costs?

    1. MikeG says:

      Tax the “people” of Camden? Lol …they’re all on welfare – you can’t tax them.

  228. dries says:

    This is the same Camden, where Democrats, led by Senators Lautenberg & Menendez spent 23M on a network of bicycle and pedestrian paths. If you have a bike, it will be stolen on Camden within minutes & I strongly advise against walking there as a mean of recreation.

  229. Rob says:

    Sounds a lot like Baltimore….

  230. robertv says:

    Attn: Camden residenst
    You can get a copy of the city budget. Its the law. They have to provide it, upon request.

  231. sam deplume says:

    Take a look at the council.

    1. Gerald says:

      LOL what a lineup of clowns! Its not our fault! Its Christie’s What about Bush? Why would anyone vote for a Dem?

  232. On the bright side, the soon-to-be incoming black market funds should really boost the local economy!

  233. Dettom says:

    You guys in NJ have been handed the same plate of BS that we in Mexifornia got. Good luck. Maybe the budget shortfalls can be funded with Hope and Change. You might need a lot more “change” to do it, rather than hope.

  234. Maurice says:

    But so long as greedy superintendents of schools get their quarter-of-a-million dollar salaries and teachers across the state — the good ones and the ones porking the students alike — get their 5% annual raises, this is fine.

  235. THE TRUTH says:

    Thw mayor and camden city council has mismanaged funds, slurged on never ending entitlements and wasted millions for years. So of course its Christies fault LOL. The FBI should go in and investigate the mayors office and council there, what an embarrassment.

    1. MikeG says:

      Not just Camden – the whole, entire State of NJ is utterly corrupt…I know, I used to live there; what a hellhole.

  236. Licinia says:

    Lots of departments and fat cats running them often poorly. Let them take a 20 percent cut and keep things going! Dangerous folls!

    1. Richard A Hooks says:

      Some how the assistant trafic study co-manager doesn’t risk a layoff. Typical goernment.

  237. rich says:

    typical liberal idiots….publish the whole budget and show the wasted $$$$$$ overlap….imagine running a business like they run the city….Camden voters get what they deserve – suck it in an live with it sheep.

    1. Barry Bin Inhalin says:

      Agreed! And then sue Camden if you are harmed by this decision…including the members of the City Council PERSONALLY for malicious intent.

  238. tpp says:


  239. Wanda says:

    Al council memebers are minority race liberals. Chickens coming home to roost.

  240. Steve says:

    Good time to get a CCW permit. Remember the Police are only minutes away when seconds count.

    1. flitetym says:

      … plenty of LE work to be had on the Texas/Mexico border …

      1. Gary says:

        Great place to sharpen up the marksmanship skills!

  241. clarke says:

    Burn Camden down and then bulldoze it into the Delaware River.

    1. MikeG says:

      Our black brothers have already burned most of it down years ago – its a wasteland – a desolate and murderous wasteland.

  242. This is a textbook LIBERAL action that shows how they hurt the public. Instead of getting rid of redundant secretaries, mid level supervisors, public works personnel, etc., they fire needed public servants such as police and firepersons, it is a tactic that has worked in the past so they continue it.

  243. scott says:

    It’s time to recall the city council now!!!!!
    Before it’s to late.

  244. Rick says:

    Why don’t they publish the entire budget and let the people see where the money is going? Let the people see where their corrupt leaders are spending money that they think is more important than police and firemen. You libs voted for these clowns, you deserve what you are going to get.

  245. dan says:

    Was there really nothing else that could be cut?

  246. Bryan says:

    Half the police means double the break-ins means twice the shootings of the crooks coming through the doors… means half the crooks moving forward. We call that natural selection.

  247. James Norman says:

    I will bet you everything I have they will still fund basketball court up keep. Why not look at cutting parks and rec, public events, travail of public officials, their free city cars, their free parking they all get.

    Is it any shock its the worst city in the world, look at they manage it. The people get what they ask for in this town. Anyone with 1/2 a brain that lives there should move out before its too late.

  248. Htos1 says:

    Can’t pols be convicted of abdication of oath of office by doing this?I don’t see them cutting their salaries or disbanding the democrats(unions)

  249. Jive Dadson says:

    Terrible news for “the nation’s 2nd most dangerous city.” (Drudge) Now it will fall off the top-ten list.

  250. ray says:

    Does the fire dept go up to the capital to respond. Why blame the governer. Let me guess, the leaders in Camden are democrats and have been for a long time.

  251. MJMIKE says:

    Typical – lay off people who have a direct impact on public safety and security but not low level office staff, park services, or non-essential clerks and services and then blame it on someone else. It’s stupidity like this that has this country rapidly turning into Greece. Hold on to your hats folks, things are going to get ugly here fast due to the stupidity of the politicians pandering “free lunches” for everyone and more so the electorate that believed them and voted them into office over and over again.

    1. waldo says:

      You are so right Mike. they never touch mundane things like pensions or as you say low level office staff. They are once again trying to scare the daylights out of the citizenry to get them to raise taxes on us in order to pay for their union benefits

  252. eristic says:

    But I bet not one pencil pushing bureaucrat lost his job.

  253. cuthean says:

    Wall it off.

    1. DrNick says:

      yep. now. before anybody else leaves.

  254. Fiftycaltx says:

    Now the “common man” will find out why a license to carry a concealed handgun would come in handy. Shame the rulers in the legislature won’t ALLOW you to exercise your RIGHT to self-defense.

  255. Tien Kou says:

    It’s all coming apart, better get ready. Fiscal reset equals political reset.

  256. JT says:

    That’s OK. Send in the National Guard.

    1. Will says:

      Sorry, we are all in Afghanistan fighting a BS war to save amerika

      1. DrNick says:

        Except for the couple-thousand Bush/Obama sent to Arizona to watch Mexico walk over the border.

  257. Craig says:

    Fire the damn Union “workers”.

  258. ezflyer13 says:

    Funny how it seems that the solution to a city or towns budget is to lay off the people who work or jeep it safe such as the police, firefighters and such. Yet how much waste is do they not cut from their government and their many ways of doing things.
    Seems that there is no common sense to running government and it is easier to do this than to actually think about viable solutions. This is the trend…sad that we pay for it.

  259. Lighthope says:

    I would be interested to see a copy of the city budget and see where all the money is going. See if something else could be cut before essential city services, or if they are simply going for the big cuts first before the pet perks.

    1. jimmy john says:

      They lay off the people who have the most political impact not the ones who need or deserve to be let go. This is a political move done to make the most impact for everybody to feel sorry.

  260. 23294832902n says:

    Why don’t you people just move away from Camden, New Jersey? That sounds like the best solution. Let it become the next Detroit. I would say come down here where I live, but I know most of you will still be supporting corrupt democrat politicians every chance you get, and we don’t need that BS around here.

    1. Will says:

      It’s already in line as one of the worst places on the planet. All of the old manufacturing is goooonnnnnnneeeeee! It is hell on earth already.

    2. docleadfoot says:

      Don’t invite the riff-raff to your state. they will bring it down just like they are doing in Camden. This is why I left NY and moved to WI. They have open carry

  261. HOWIE says:


  262. Pete Boggs says:

    The leveraged greed of socialists & collectivists is ugly & barbaric.

  263. Dale says:

    Why are they depending on the state for $69 million dollars? Is every other city in NJ getting $69m and Camden is getting nothing?

  264. iron chef says:

    “Don’t blame us-blame somebody else”.

    What a great example of leadership! You must be proud to have such people representing you Camden.

Comments are closed.

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