Philly Restaurant Serving The ‘Krispy Kreme Burger’

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — In the mood for an 1100 calorie cheeseburger? Well a Philadelphia restaurant can help you satisfy your craving.

PTY in Northern Liberties is serving up the Krispy Kreme Burger. Yes, the Krispy Kreme Burger!

Here’s what goes into the diet-busting burger: A glazed toasted Krispy Kreme donut, used in place of a traditional bun. Two burger patties, American cheese and for good measure, several slices of chocolate-covered bacon. The sandwich is served with sweet potato fries.

The burger is estimated to be approximately 1100 calories.

If you are having a craving for the Krispy Kreme Burger, you better act fast. PYT is serving up this creative burger this week only.

PYT is located on North Hancock Street at the Piazza in Northern Liberties.

Reported By: Steve Beck, CBS 3


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  1. HeckSpawn says:

    If you Penn State folks want the best burger you can get, get on a plane to LA, head over to Pasadena and tell the cabbie you want to go to Clearman’s Galley.

    The burgers there are so big, and so messy, don’t even bother getting a couple – three napkins. Just spread out a tarp and hose yourself off afterwards.

    I was able to eat ONE of them!!!

  2. the real white man says:

    shawn r sounds like a lady boy

  3. f dog says:

    eriously, Im sick and tired of hearing people say pyt has the best burger….. its all hype started by the owner (who im sure is making fake names and commenting on this story)
    PYT burst on the scene as a joint in the piazza claiming the best burger…. and simply never lived up to their own hype. The rolls are terrible… martins…. really ???
    the pattie is a puny joke that taste complete average… if not below average.

    I can tell you 10 places in walking distance that have burgers that dominate pyt, lets start with standard tap, north 3rd…. both places dont make bold claims at all…. they let their food do the talking.

  4. joey m says:

    Shawn.r. There was a Krispy Kreme in mayfair for years, so you must not be from philly or you would know that. There also used to be several others…. so you are completely wrong

  5. West Philly Girl says:

    I have tried a few of their burgers before and the buns are seriously LACKING! You can’t pile all of that goodness on a little flimsy bun that is going to get soggy and fall apart halfway through eating you’re just left with a mishmash of meat, drippings and some soggy bun remains. They are good burgers, but seriously step it up on the bun front, please!

  6. ckerr says:

    no one in the interview ever said pyt created this burger; in fact, owner said it had been around for years.

  7. lana says:

    Eww, I would be sick.

  8. Adam Piazza says:

    Yes, the burger is a take on the classic Luther Burger but PYT’s take is simply amazing. The chocolate covered bacon makes it even more spectacular and I could simply not put it down after taking the first bit, it melted in your mouth. PYT serves some of the best burgers in this city and this doesn’t exclude itself from pure perfection. Keep em’ cooking Tommy.

  9. Shawn R. says:

    You weren’t able to get fresh, hot Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts in Philly before November 9. Not lame, now that there is a Krispy Kreme in the neighborhood, so to speak. The first of many, serving hot original glazed and many other delectible treats, is on 7855 Oxford Ave. in Philly’s Fox Chase neighborhood. Hope to see you there!

  10. ZZBAR says:

    Not an original burger. Ate one back in the 70’s in D.C. Never again.

  11. Aaliyah Henry says:

    What copycats!!! I saw the exact same burger on Man vs. Food served in a minor league ballpark in East Saint Louis, Illinois. How lame:(

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