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Authorities say they were tipped off about attempted smuggling of the 1906 painting, "Head of a Young Woman," to Switzerland
Experts in France will soon analyze debris found there last week
Big game hunters have felt a backlash ever since Cecil the lion was killed
The Nobel Laureate was being treated for an infection caused by prostate cancer treatment he's received for many years
Move comes as debate roars over ethics of legal big game hunting after the killing of Cecil the lion
The Secretary of State traveled to Southeast Asia to speak on the benefits of the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Stunt biker Robbie Madison has equipped his dirt bike to ride even on water
Delta has announced a ban on freight shipments of endangered trophies
Zimbabwe is now investigating a second American wanted for killing a lion: Pittsburgh doctor Jan Seski
Mexican journalist protection groups fear officials may not look at the work of Ruben Espinosa as a motive for his killing