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Goals just minutes apart put the U.S. ahead of their European rivals and into the Women's World Cup final for 1st time since 2011
Officials say Nigerian businessman headed a "terrorists' intelligence cell" for the Islamic extremists while infiltrating a self-defense group
The United States and Cuba reached an agreement Tuesday to formally open embassies in each other's capitals
Obama talked about the landmark week in his presidency, which included passage of Trade Promotion Authority, the Supreme Court decisions upholding Obamacare and legalizing same-sex marriage, respectively
As Greece prepare to hold a vote on Sunday to decide whether to accept more tax increases and spending cuts, the people of Athens are feeling the pain of the country's economic crisis
After a half-century stalemate, the two countries plan on reestablishing embassies in Havana and Washington
Greek investment banker warns of dire consequences if country defaults: "Poverty, social unrest, people on the streets and a lot of uncertainty"
Yassin Salhi is suspected of beheading his boss at a French gas factory on Friday
Terror group has beheaded female Kurdish fighters before; but believed to be first time civilian woman executed
El-Sissi's comments at funeral of country's chief prosecutor raise the prospect of an even tougher campaign against opponents