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The seven wonders of the world are well known, but there are several natural wonders getting a high volume of travelers this summer travel season
America's Revolutionary War was raging 235 years ago when Marquis de Lafayette sailed from France aboard the Navy frigate Hermione to deliver good news to his friend George Washington
The U.S. women's soccer team heads into World Cup finals showdown with long-term rival Japan
The campaign for and against the bailout referendum in Greece has stopped, as residents prepare for Sunday's vote on the country's future in Europe
CBS News correspondent Seth Doane takes a look at China's increased building of islands in the disputed terrirtory of the South China Sea
Team USA will take on Japan Sunday in the final of the 2015 Women's World Cup
CBS News correspondent Mark Phillips is raising money for the Rory Peck Trust, a charity that supports freelance journalists, in memory of CBS News colleagues Paul Douglas and James Brolan, who were killed by a roadside bomb in Baghdad nine years ago
The Iranian foreign minister called on parties to close on a deal and join together to fight "violent extremism and barbarism"
Despite the swelter, U.N. weather agency says the continent is better prepared than ever to avid heat-related casualties
Defections have continued to hit Cuba's national team despite a decision in late 2013 to raise athletes' salaries