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At least 100 others were wounded during demonstrations over separatist powers in the eastern area of the country
A couple of treasure hunters in Europe claim to have found a hidden mountain tunnel that houses Nazi treasure
Refugees from Syria and North Africa face uncertainty and hardship as they try to enter Europe
Emergency meeting being called to try and solve the worst refugee crisis since WWII; hundreds of thousands fleeing war and poverty
As Ukraine fends off Russian-backed separatists and troops, kids aged 11-15 get a taste for war training in the summer
Petition, signed by over 175K, aims to protect two Indian girls allegedly threatened with rape after their brother eloped with a higher caste, married woman
Funneling of migrants over remote border crossing may be organized and could possibly be classed as human trafficking
County declared itself Ebola free last week after battling the rare, deadly disease, only to see a new case pop up
Unstable antenna forces police to close off a number of blocks in financial district for an "extended period of time"
Spanish TV says blasts in the aftermath of the main explosion initially hindered a search operation for missing people