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Pollard was sentenced to life after admitting he gave thousands of classified documents to Israel
American dentist Walter James Palmer is wanted in Zimbabwe for killing the popular lion
CBS News has learned the U.S. government is trying to confirm intelligence reports
2 men face poaching charges in Zimbabwe, but the American dentist who pulled the trigger is back in the U.S., denying wrongdoing
Afghan government says it is still trying to confirm long-persistent rumors that reclusive one-eyed cleric died years ago
Convicted spy Jonathan Pollard has been granted parole, the Dept. of Justice confirmed Tuesday. He was serving a life sentence in a North Carolina prison for spying for Israel
Nabire was one of the last five northern white rhinoceros left in the world
Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard will be released in November, prompting many to draw a link between that release and discontent regarding the Iran nuclear deal in Israel
Jonathan Pollard was imprisoned 30 years ago for selling U.S. secrets to Israel and will be released later this year, his lawyer claims
British woman died in 2004 leaving almost all her 486,000 pounds ( $758,000) estate to charities, instead of her estranged daughter