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Paulina Vega of Colombia won the ultimate pageant award. The 22-year-old is proud of her country and said that Colombians “are a persevering people no matter what obstacle gets in [their] way."
The Japanese government was still analyzing a video purporting to show that another hostage had been killed by the extremist group
The Ukranian president said the attack on the southeastern city of Mariupol killed at least 30 people
Leftist party leader says he will tear up painful austerity measures in a move that could shake world economy
The Iranian parliament wants Foreign Minister Javad Zarif to explain his "diplomatic mistake" -- a 15-minute walk through Geneva with John Kerry
Actress and special envoy for United Nations Refugee Agency visited refugee camp, and said underfunding threatens millions' well-being
Boko Haram's scorched-earth campaign in the countryside, as well as a multi-pronged assault on Maiduguri, come as Sec. Kerry visits
Police and Islamists clash four years after the start of the country's 2011 uprising; turmoil roiling the Arab world's most populous country
The tradition of releasing doves as a gesture of peace in St. Peter's Square turned into a major PR headache last year
For centuries the giant prehistoric monument in southwest England has remained a mystery. Who built Stonehenge? What was its meaning or purpose? Mark Phillips takes us to Stonehenge for a fascinating and revealing report on one of the world's most famous and inscrutable sites.

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