Gloucester Twp. Police Dog Killed By Robbery Suspect

BLACKWOOD, NJ (CBS/AP) — A police “K-9” dog was killed Tuesday evening after being thrown into traffic by a robbery suspect he had chased down.

Skyler Robinson, 20, was taken into custody after an overnight hunt, and a second suspect, 19-year-old Evan Scotese, was taken into custody at his home Wednesday morning.

Police say the dog, a 3½-year-old German Shepherd, was on duty for Gloucester Township police when they responded to a burglary call at a Chinese restaurant on East Church Street in Blackwood.

The suspects made off with approximately $300 and one of them punched an employee before fleeing.

After picking up the scent of Robinson, the dog, named “Schultz,” was let loose and chased him down along the shoulder of Route 42.

But as Schultz tried to take down Robinson, he somehow got hold of him and threw him into traffic on the highway. The dog was killed instantly.

“Officer Schultz gave his life for Officer Pickard and all of the men and women of the Gloucester Township Police Department and we’re very thankful for his service,” Chief Harry Earle said.

Robinson and Scotese are both facing numerous charges, including robbery and resisting arrest by flight. In addition, Robinson is also facing charges of inflicting harm on a law enforcement animal and cruelty to animals.

Police say they are very close to K-9 units — they say they treat the dogs like they treat other officers. And the men lined up early Wednesday morning outside the Chews Landing Veterinary Hospital, saluting as the body of the dog was brought out in a hearse.

A service to honor Schultz the dog is planned for next Thursday.

Reported By: Jim Melwert, KYW Newsradio 1060 and Ben Simmoneau, CBS 3

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One Comment

  1. Jack says:

    Football hero restaurant-robber dodged cars and ran across the freeway at night to lose the cops. Too bad the police dog wasnt as agile as crazy-legs. What the heck did the drivers out there think was going on? And one guy wants the cops firing at him! Wow.

  2. Ed says:

    Ooops dropped the soap….hey what are you trying to put in my ass. Ahhhh ahhhhhhhhh. Skylers first night in jail. Ha Ha.
    Look for Free Skyler Robinson on Facebook. Funny stuff

  3. ok says:

    R.I.P. Schultz. You will be greatly missed. And whoever said dogs are just property: have you no shame? Because of people like you, human history has been disgraced with evils such as slavery. At one time even women were thought to be property too. I bet you find that idea enticing. Animals are not “property.” They have their own identities and consciousnesses and I find it mighty bigoted of you to say otherwise. Animals are used in the way society sees fit. And they have been used and abused against their wishes. But I hope this will change soon. Maybe animals aren’t as smart as humans, but we are smart enough to take care of them properly when they don’t know how, but NOT to treat them like property. But it’s people like you who stand in the way of change and righteousness. I don’t agree with Schultz having to be a police dog, he would have been better off left alone. But the purpose he has served is greater and more valiant than anything you could have ever wished to have achieved. Oh, for the record, I’m a very strict vegan. I don’t endorse any animal product, byproduct, or labor.

  4. jim _c says:

    To all of the anti police and anti police dog idiots, your next encounter with a criminal, call a liberal idiot for help. Better yet, hope a Kb unit shows up and refuses to allow his dog to attack a gun wielding/knife wielding citizen who finally cuts. You to pieces or perforates you like swiss cheese. Then I hope the unit walks away and leaves you in the hands of your attackers

    1. oink oink bang bang lil piggies says:

      I’m an anti-police CONSERVATIVE because I can shoot my own criminals than you. I don’t need some pig to do it for me.

    2. skipjohnson says:

      yeah Skip, I’ll call the police on your basement living arrangement. How’s that working out for ya anyway Carl?

  5. Ed says:

    People rape, kill, and burn houses down with the victims still inside. The 4 militants that beat and killed the next person who happened to walk by in Georgia.
    The streets have to be taken back. Criminals do not walk the streets, we do.
    If you threaten someone with a gun, you deserve what ever you are met with.

  6. ed says:

    To those who are defending a criminal,
    I think when the police have a dangerous subject they have to apprehend they should have MORE dogs. I think in certain instances the dogs should be trained to go for the throat. If your a dangerous “animal” preying on society “YOU DESERVE WHATS COMING”. We will “high five” the next day when we hear it on the news.

  7. Ed says:

    I’m sad at the loss of an Officer.
    On a lighter note: Another militant off the streets. Schultz helped remove a smudge from our society. Thank you Schultz.

  8. Crewes says:

    unbelievable?, yes. then imagine if some dumb unsuspecting kid jumps your fence and you come home to find a mangled corpse in your backyard…who is then going to court and/or jail?you are! if you own an animal you are liable and responsible for any and everything that animal does. dogs are dangerous creatures and can costs you much more that vet bills.

    1. Carlos says:

      You probably mean some young unsuspecting juvenile delinquent… I have my fenceline equiped with signs to the effect that there is a dog on the premises and to keep out. Sadly, and thanks to criminal coddlers, tresspassing offenses are not taken seriously. IMPO, the parents of the “dumb, unsuspecting kid” should be held liable for not training their kid on basic common sense and respect for the property of his peers.

      In this particular case, you have one of a couple of hold-up men who killed a police dog. He won’t get any sympathy from the judge, or from me.

  9. Crewes says:

    anyone see the cops episode where 4 cops had a body builder martial artist cornered in a backyard next to a 6 foot fence? the cops were afraid of the guy so they sent in the police dog. the dog bit the guy on the leg and he reached down grabbed it by the throat lifted it up and then threw it down to the ground. the dog backed away, looked like he was scared of the guy too and wasnt used to being manhandled that way. the cops tried to get the dog to attack again but it cowered down and attempted to attack but kept slinking away. the guy had disarmed the cops night sticks several times and blocked their attacks repeatedly…it was the funniest thing. bet that dog got reassigned real fast lik

    1. tom fletcher says:

      you think thats funny? whats a loser you are!

  10. WHY? says:

    Why didn’t the officer call the dog off before BOTH the felon and the dog were hit by the car on Rt. 42. He should have been in control of the situation and instead allowed the dog to struggle with the felon so close to Rt. 42 which could have resulted in innocent lives lost in a major car accident. After the dog did his job in finding the felon, the dog should not have attached the felon. If a human officer had attacked a felon in such a way that would cause the kind of injuries a dog bite does that would be police brutality. Not so sure the headlines that this felon threw the dog into traffic are accurate. Sounds to me he had a dog attacking him, and officer watching and as anyone would do he was trying to get the dog off of him and they both ended up getting hit on Rt 42. The real story is why did the officer allow it to happen?

    1. jim _c says:

      You must be a liberal idiot. The felon just commuted armed robbery.I think the cop should have shot and killed the suspect for two reasons. One the original offense and secondly for killing his partner. I hope your police never have a civilian review board and you are seated on the panel. What an idiot.

  11. Splat says:

    Idiot cop should have realized that since the road was in such close proximity to the perp that it would feasibly serve as the perp’s likely avenue of escape. With that in mind, there was a high probability that the dog would been harmed by traffic. If it were not for the cop’s gross negligence he would still have his dog today. It’s his fault.

  12. Pat says:

    Very sad that the dog was killed doing his job. The guy who did it must be a cold and mean spirited person.

  13. Tommy L says:

    True dat!

  14. D. Harry says:

    Oopp’s…… perps found hung in their cell and pronounced dead when EMS arrived Oh well, someone should of been watching them since they did seem a bit suicidal.

  15. KH says:

    I ‘m sorry for the loss of such a wonderful dog that served the Officers with Loyalty.

    To the ANIMALS who think killing a dog is nothing and ok even when they have done wrong as the robbers in question did .Your not worth a penny compared to “Schultz” or any dog or animal. You are a insult to humans and all of life’s species.

    I am not a SPCA nut so I am not consumed with animal love. But I respoect all form of life except for those who break the law intentionally and hurt others.

    I have a very loving and loyal golden lab, Hailey. She is more like a baby with us and the children, always wants to be a lap dog, loves to be hugged and petted. She is so gentle that when she takes a piece of food from your hand she will not touch your skin. She loves to play with children. She has had no training except through us , my husband and I , my son and daughter in law and 2 grandchildren. Most of what she does she did on her own without training.

    My grand daughter would ride Hailey and she loved it, never once in 3 years has growled, showed her teeth or bitten any of us. My granddaughter gives her the end of a small rope and and she holds the end of the other and goes through the house as Hailey pulls the rope sliding over the wooden floors while laughing so hard she has tears streaming down her face.

    We have a high fenced yard , one day my grand daughter was on the swings near the fence and Hailey was outside with her playing.Someone approached the fence and Hailey immediately went to my grand daughter and got in between her and the fence then began to backup against my granddaughter gently pushing her further back from the fence. Yes Hailey was barking ferociously and showing her teeth.. then she took my granddaughters hem of her coat and pulled her slowly to the back door.

    That is not the only time she has protected us, she has done the same with my husband and with me. Matter of fact it was a police officer and fire dept. man that had come to our house because our alarm went off. I opened the door and Hailey got in front of me and pushed me back away from the men.. I started to scold her and the officer told me not to, that she was doing her job and should be praised.

    I guess it is ok to rob and hurt people according to your words. You think nothing of others only yourself. Typical for a lower class species that respects nothing. If you do nothing wrong then you have nothing to worry about.

  16. johnny says:

    This guy is gonna get twice as much time at least than Mike Vick and Vick killed hundreds of dogs.

  17. dallas says:

    RIP Shultz from the NC DOC. Ironically, the best dog I ever owned was named Shultz also. I miss him terribly, even after 3 1/2 years. Cross that rainbow bridge buddy.

  18. Max says:

    You are just an idiot.

    1. Reality says:

      no really, it IS just a dog. Police taught it to attack people, one of those people defended himself from a vicious animal and the animal died. Why are taxpayers being held responsible for paying for funeral rites for an animal?

  19. Tommy V says:


    Ironically, your comments suggest that of all the commenters here you are the one most likely to be chased down by a police dog.

    Something to think about.

  20. Diamond says:

    My condolences. RIP Schultz!

  21. AJ says:

    To the jerkoff that said “defend yourself at all costs” If you’re a criminal on the run you have NO defense, MORON! It’s no different than shooting an actual officer, MORON! As a matter of fact(MORON), it IS AN OFFICER! Thus, the felony charge, MORON!

  22. Ali says:

    This is such a tragic story. My condolences to the officer and the entire department. I am certain these fine upstanding individuals have never been in trouble before (sarcasm). They most likely have no remorse/regret for what they’ve done. That dog not only was a K-9, he was also a family’s pet.

  23. Wayne says:

    I would kill a dog too if if it was sent to attack me by the police. Where are we? Germany during the Nazi regime? Nazis are the only other so called police that used to sick dogs on humans. Defend yourself at all costs….even if it means killing the animal.

    1. Suds says:

      You are disgusting! I would much rather see YOU thrown into traffic than that beautiful dog.

    2. JB says:

      did you notice that the dog attacked him because he just robbed and beat up an old Chinese guy? and you compare them to Nazis? I bet you’re a real tough guy.

    3. hebramleigh says:

      “Nazis are the only other so called police that used to sick dogs on humans”? Wayne, you are a truly stupid person. Dogs have been used in police forces and modern militaries since WWI. Crack a book, idiot.
      Oh, and since you defend the action of the thief who killed the police dog, you are most likely a criminal yourself. Stupid and lazy.

    4. Walt Stawicki says:

      We know which side of law and order you are on, don’t we. We have a saying- don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. And the other to remember is “take your medicine!”

      1. rottwieller_inc says:

        don’t touch my junk

    5. Eli says:

      I would love to throw you into oncoming traffic Wayne. In fact go do it yourself. The dog and police officers were doing their job. Hope the suspect gets years in prison along with many beatings in my opinion. And what does Germany or the Nazi regime have to do with anything? Real tough typing behind a computer boy. You live a sad life.

  24. John says:

    A cop kills a dog, and it’s property.
    You kill a cop’s dog, and it’s a Law Officer.

    Just saying… Now where did I put my piece of cake, oh yeah I forgot, the cop ate it…
    Police Raid Berwyn Heights Mayor’s Home, Kill His 2 Dogs

    1. csho says:

      You’re an idiot. Get a job…Just saying.

    2. joseph says:

      Amen on that. Cops kill pets all the time and don’t think twice about it. Go to Youtube and enter “Cop shoots dog” and you’ll see some disgusting videos of what cops do to pets.

  25. Hojo says:

    If I were being attacked by a dog and I had the opportunity to throw it into traffic then the dog would be thrown. I love dogs and keep them as pets but when it comes to my life or some dog I don’t know then it is an easy choice.

    1. Tim says:

      This dog wasn’t trying to kill him…

      1. Kevin says:

        Exactly Tim … K-9 police dogs are trained to track persue & detain .. not Kill
        As part of a family who has been involved with training these animals .. this punk should be charged with killing an officer

    2. Sinclair says:

      You jerk-wad. I hope your dogs run away to a better home and you get burgled.

      1. Walt Stawicki says:

        “A dog will not bite the hand that feeds him. That is the difference between man and dog” Twain

    3. Kevin says:

      You woukd DOG KILLER ! Hell uva game against the Redskins

  26. bgo says:

    sounds as though no humans were involved

    1. rottwieller_inc says:

      Police routinely kill dogs when coming onto property. It’s time the citizens’ dogs be given the same rights as police dogs.

  27. LUKE says:

    Good points Ed, I think that is a polular misconception, that police are your friends. Police are only out to protect themselves and there pention and could give a damn about any normal citizens.

  28. josh says:

    @ Alex – I will be training police k9’s soon, and I am very familiar with k9 protection. You are way off base and out of touch on this subject.

  29. unpcdmom says:

    It would be fitting to try BOTH suspects with intention MURDER of a police officer because thats exactly what ‘Schultz’ was and he was on active duty when brutally murdered! Soes PA have the death penalty because it’s needed in cases such as these.

    1. yellowearthsun says:

      It is irrational to believe an animal is a human and against the will of god and leans toward the satanic practice.

      1. Chris Thomas says:

        @ yellow The dog is a canine, and a officer of the law… FACT. Perp kills dog, branding himself a cop killer, Mmmm I love lethal injection!!!! I only wish I could push the plunger myself …

    2. Alex says:

      Nope, not a police officer. Doesn’t meet any of the requirements unless you want a police force that sh!ts on the ground and is illiterate.

      1. LUKE says:

        We have that in many places already in South Jersey :-)

      2. Bumpus says:

        Alex, – you’ve never been to Rhode Island, have you?

      3. Joe says:

        Probably an apt description for some of the posters here.

    3. Thinkaboutit says:

      Skyler was really just using the dog to try and kill as many people as possible by causing an accident.

  30. BigRed says:

    Silly, get over it. How many Dogs are wasted by cops?

  31. Eric says:

    The dog was doing it’s job; it died….still just a DOG. (probably a good dog)

    They need to make the robbers pay for the EXPENSIVE TAX PAYER FUNDED TRAINING & the STUPID / RIDICULOUS funeral. What the hell do they think they are doing with MY TAX DOLLARS??? Cremate the DOG and be done.

    I own a King Shepherd and love it; but it is a DOG. A working ANIMAL; NOT a human.

  32. ed says:

    Many cases of the police killing innocent dogs. The police are not your friends. I’m not sticking up for the robber, but if they turned a dog loose on me, I would fight. The police used to be called “peace officers”, now they are law enFORCEment, some are fair and try to do a good job, most could give a damn about you. They think there are above the law and it does not apply to them, only to you. When a cop gets pulled over for speeding in his personal car, do you think he gets a ticket??? No, it’s ” have a nice day, brother”, our justice system is as broken as our political system.

    1. Alex says:

      Agreed, Ed December 2, 2010 at 1:12 pm We must start forming jurist societies to combat this nonsense.

  33. gphx says:

    I’m a fan of police dogs and am saddened when one is killed. However, if the robber is guilty of a crime for putting the dog’s life in danger by throwing it onto the highway in self defense (and surely he should be charged with and punished for many other offenses) isn’t the officer guilty of endangering the dog by ordering it into combat in the first place? Just pointing out what seems to me a significant inconsistency.

    1. Josh says:

      Your splitting hairs.

  34. UnnecessaryPolitics says:

    You people. Yes a dog is not a human being and should never be given that status. But that does not mean that he was not an officer of the law. The dog went through training just like a police academy. He/ she graduates or fails just like regular cadets. The dogs love their jobs. So do most officers. I don’t care if you like cops don’t like cops. The fact of the matter is the dog was killed in the line of duty. And should be honored as a hero. That dog was more than a k9 officer. It was someone’s friend someone’s family. I take my dog everywhere with me he is family. And if he died I would do something to remember him. Why do some of you feel the need to criticize that. I realize that some officers in other stories have kicked in doors and shot peoples poodles and I feel that is wrong as well. but isolated. Not relevant to this story. AN OFFICER WAS KILLED IN THE LINE OF DUTY. End of story. No matter what gender or even species, that officer deserves recognition. Not everything needs politics brought into it. For all intents in purposes it might as well been a human that caught the suspect and then was subsequently pushed into traffic.

    1. Alex says:

      In no way is elevating some dog to the level of a human right or even sane. They can’t sign contracts or testify in court. Do you have to be able to read to be a police officer? Well, come to think of it, the standards have been lowered quite a bit. Maybe I will sh!t on the desk of the police chief as an application for a job?

    2. wiglaf says:

      Calling a dog an officer of the law IS politics. It’s also stupid. The dog didn’t swear to anything. The dog can’t read books on laws and regulations. An officer is someone who has authority and responsibility over others. A dog can NEVER do that.

    3. Dennis says:

      You’re statement makes no sense… You’re talking about your dog being like family to you… would you send you’re family member into oncoming traffic to catch a possibly violent criminal? This dog was not being treated as a “family member”, he was being used as a tool, something easily disposed of. So, it is no one but the ACTUAL officers fault that his “partner” died. That brings me to my second point, that an animal CANNOT be considered a law enforcement officer. Every law enforcement officer has to take an oath to become one, this dog did not have the ability to take said oaths. Every law enforcement officer has certain rules that they HAVE to abide by, but this dog is not capable of understanding these rules in that fashion, and therefore cannot be expected to abide by them. Yes dogs can be trained, but that doesn’t give them the understanding of why they have to do these things. Even the most well trained dogs sometimes forget their training or act out. If I am being attacked by a vicious animal, it is my right to defend myself, and it is the right of anyone in that situation to do the same…. And no, i’m not defending the criminals actions in the robbery, and I hope he gets what he deserves for that crime, but the crimes agianst the dog should be on the real officer.

  35. Eric says:

    Good grief, try getting out of your basement every once in a while!

  36. jojo says:

    It’s ashame…RIP. The comment setup on this website is confusing because you can’t tell who is commenting to who.

    1. J says:

      are you kidding me. What do you do when a dog is attacking you? let it? also the biggest shame of this is that this guy is going to go to jail for a very long time for killing a f’ing dog, A DOG. he killed an “officer” what a joke. One human life in prison for some stupid dog. when will people wake up at how stupid the laws are.

      1. Chris Thomas says:

        @ J your the dumbazz, weather you like it or not the dog is a POLICE OFFICER… The dog was chasing a perp … the perp caused the dog to die … i.e. the perp is now a cop killer Fry the dumb S.O.B. The End.

      2. Ed says:

        J stop whining. Wipe your p-ssy. He should not have started this by robbing that restaurant, MORON!

  37. yellowearthsun says:

    Words do not decry the ignorant, the ignorant decry the words.

  38. yellowearthsun says:

    Gil you are spouting ad hominem attacks because you don’t understand the first thing about argument and persuasion doesn’t work in debate. So you may want to brush up on that I can help you get started here. Usually people who are in denial struggle really hard to fight things like this.

  39. Joe says:

    This is just an absolutely ridiculous comment.

    1. yellowearthsun says:

      Can you please elaborate as to what you feel is ridicule worthy for me?

  40. yellowearthsun says:

    Wiglaf does has valid points and calling people names doesn’t work to bolster contentions. Clearly seeing the defined difference of value placed on the animal from one group to another shows what fascist influence we are dealing with here.

  41. Steve says:

    wiglaf is right. Y’all may not agree with him, but he’s simply applying the same standard to dogs that the police have already established.

  42. wiglaf says:

    Gloria, not true. You don’t afford animals the same rights as humans. Remember that the police force completely disagrees with your argument. Their often used protocol when raiding a house is to shoot the dog(s) regardless of whether the pet was attacking or not. The homeowner or renter has little chance of getting restitution in a court of law. Why should a higher standard be applied to a police dog than someone’s personal pet? Either way, an animal is property. We eat cows, chickens, pigs, deer, and many other animals. They do not get the same rights as us. Their value for restitution may be different, though.

  43. Chris Thomas says:

    @ dog lover … I got 4 German Rottweilers I’d like you to meet… And they love hot sauce on there food! Fking Tool…

  44. Bob the Cannibal says:

    If they act quickly they can still use the suspects as an entree

  45. Gloria says:

    Wow! You are truly not worth the space you’re taking up on this earth.

    1. free says:

      Neither are you Gloria, neither are you.

  46. Wiglaf says:

    The dog was not sworn in. So, if it was trained to be a police officer, it did not make use of the training because police officers need to be sworn in. In addition, I guarantee you the dog did not pass the same tests that a police officer is required to pass. The dog does what it is told. It’s a slave. It’s property. It does not have the same intrinsic value as a human.

    1. Chris Thomas says:

      @ Wiglaf In this case I’d venture that the dog has more intrinsic value than you do … Get back under your rock troll …

      1. wiglaf says:

        Chris Thomas,
        You clearly have no idea what the meaning of “intrinsic” is.

  47. Wiglaf says:

    I see they revised the entire article, so I suppose the comments could be commenting on some no longer existing text.

  48. David says:

    You are a NUT! “This dog has been trained to be a police officer” ????

    NO! They are trained to simply follow human commands, period.

    1. Craig Brockman says:

      They are trained to protect the officer, AND react to his commands.

      RIP Schultz!

      Police Officer (ret.)

    2. Ted says:

      Hi David, you are obviously not the type of person that protects his country for a living. Thank the folks that do protect your right to say goofy things in public, the dog included. Take a tour of the worst street in your city this weekend around 1am and get back with us on the topic. That dog was a hero!

      1. Ted says:

        David, sorry, I meant ‘Dave’ not to be mistaken for you excellent posts!

  49. Yorkie Lover says:

    You’re an IDIOT!!

  50. Chris Thomas says:

    Because that dog will give his life to protect others … Sound familiar dumbazz? Bet you hid in your foxhole Fking coward… to bad you didnt catch a stray frag… here’s to hoping …

  51. David says:

    “same rights AS humans” :)

  52. Chris Thomas says:

    pray to god i dont ever come across you … you’ll be neutralized…

  53. Dino says:

    Oh, he’ll have his due process, and if the agressiveness of the dog was unwarranted rest assured some ambulance chasing lawyer will be on it like stink on poop.

  54. Bruce Vilanch says:

    Suspects don’t kill K-9 units. Cars kill K-9 units.

    1. Rationalist says:

      Innocent people don’t fear K-9 units – stupid dumbarse’s who rob Chinese restaurants do !

      1. MoPatriot says:

        An assumption was made in that Skylar WAS the perpetrator. What would be the case if Skylar had simply just had Chinese food, thus smelled like it, and was run down by this dog – at night, in the dark? Then consider that an innocent was attacked, by a police officer, defended themselves (dog killed) and now would be guilty of killing a police officer via self defense because the officer forced his position. Now what? Would Skylar be able to collect damages as if a municipal peace officer had committed the same foul? Just saying, and its worth considering.

  55. rere says:

    dave, you’re the nut job.

    1. WilliamPenn says:

      dave, I’m sure a glimpse at your criminal record would be quite revealing.

  56. David says:

    A police K-9 is more useful to society than a thug who is to lazy to work so steals from people who do.

  57. someone says:

    its a Dog… Not a Person!!!

    1. Bob the perp hater says:

      The suspect is not a perosn either…he is a perp who deserved to be thrown after the dog and get hit and killed as well…

      At least the dog was trying to help society…

      1. Jeff Novak says:

        Oh, I’m sure he was. Probably was sitting there licking his sack one day and saw someone run a stop sign and almost hit a child. At that moment, as his stones fell from his tongue to the floor, he realized that he must help. He performed street tricks for a few months for tips, and ate from dumpsters so that he could save every penny. He finally had enough for airfare to Germany and tuition at the Police Dog academy. After graduation he went online and saw the opening here. And now we have to lay him, after all that conscious effort to save humanity, to rest. Such a waste of canine good intention.


    2. Justme says:

      You are a moron! Humans are also a member of the animal species, therefore, the dog’s life is just as important as a humans life.

    3. H. Teel says:

      Yes that does make the dog supperior, doesn’t it!

  58. Anon says:

    I do not agree with using dogs. They are vicious and unreasoning creatures.

    1. Joe says:

      They are actually very beautiful creatures and can be very well trained as well.

    2. CJ says says:

      The dog does what it is trained to do… It is trained by PEOPLE. So who is the vicious and unreasoning creature… the Dog that obeys, or the Human that orders?

    3. matt says:

      Vicious and unreasoning creatures! That’s a good description of the average American cop. And the average American teenager. And the average American Holiday shopper. In fact, pretty much every American under the age of 45-50 today is a vicious and unreasoning creature…
      Cops love to shoot other people’s dog’s every change they get. This isn’t about dogs, it’s an “us and them” thing….

  59. Wiglaf says:

    So, did the dog have a choice in the matter? Glad CBS removed the statement saying that the dogs are “sworn” in. How ridiculous is that? Did the dog voluntarily give its life or is that just humans projecting their own beliefs onto the dog? Can dogs speak english? Why IS it that a police dog is considered a law enforcement officer but when an officer breaks into someone’s home and shoots their dog, it’s property, not a person? In my opinion, dogs are property. The robber owes restitution which would include all the training and pedigree that went into that dog. Police who unlawfully break in and kill dogs also owe restitution.

    1. Rob Austin says:

      What a moron.

      1. Brad says:

        What a moron…see what I did there.

      2. Wiglaf says:

        You just ruined my entire argument with your clever ad hominem. What shall I do now?

    2. G. says:

      You are an idiot! We should throw you into traffic on route 42 A-HOLE!

    3. Ray says:

      Glad to see someone can see things honestly. Well said Wiglaf.

    4. free says:

      What he said!

  60. Dino says:

    If he had not been a criminal on the run the dog wouldn’t have been sent. His criminal activities caused this whole mess and he should be held responsible for all of it, including the death of the dog. The dog didn’t just forget to look both ways while meandering onto the highway; he was thrown into the highway by a thief in flight.

  61. Mark Paquette says:

    Poor brave dog.

  62. KE says:

    You would be talking a different tune if it was you getting robbed .The dog is a hero who gave his life in the line of duty. There are some really some stupid comments on this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Russ says:

    “Dogs trained as weapons”?? Not hardly. You may be “law abiding” but you still sound like an idiot. And I second the comments about why the media never wants to show or tell you about a black criminal but boy oh boy if he’s white, it’s all over the place. Manipulation of public perception instead of the whole truth.

  64. TRitter says:

    Why is it that the man who actually threw the dog is never pictured, Not even described? The other robber, a white guy, is shown over and over. Is Robinson black? Is it over racial concerns that the guy that actually killed the dog is never shown? I’ve seen similar situations so often that it is impossible or me not to ask these questions these days.

    1. TRitter says:

      To answer my own question, Robinson IS black, and many photos of him are available to the news organisations. They guy’s an ex-college football player!
      So in a story where a guy killed a great and heroic K9 dog, only the white guy (who’s picture is harder to come by), is shown over and over again. Robinson is somehow a mystery? This is reverse racism. Show both pics. You have them both.

      1. rbensn32 says:

        There is no such thing as “reverse racism” Racism is racism, regardless of it is white on black, or white on black.

    2. Hate Ignorant Comments and Qs says:

      Really? Does it REALLY matter?

  65. Patrick Martin says:

    Condolences! My only question is why robbery suspect didn’t end up with the same fate as the K9?

    1. logical thinker says:

      Kill the guy because he robbed a store? You’re an idiot.

  66. James Woods says:

    We have a problem with our civilization if it’s worth losing the life of a police dog or police officer over ‘robberys’.

    Most robberys we are see’ing today even at banks are netting very little but people are getting hurt and killed over it.

    The real robbery is being committed at the level of the government.

    Unless anothers life is in imminent danger the police may need to rethink how they are reacting to robberys and other crimes alike.

    It’s unfortunate to see things like this happen but it’s something to learn from.

  67. Grunge9rb says:

    My condolences to a fellow K-9 Officer…

  68. erolwmadore says:

    It could have been a man there being thrown to the traffic. So why not treat it the same?

    Women Men Adore

  69. Ryan says:

    I am sad for the Officer who lost his dog, but you truly cannot blame somebody, criminal or not, for protecting themselves from an attacking animal. I love dogs, but if a dog like this was attacking me, I would definitely defend myself, even if it meant taking that dog’s life.

  70. Methadras says:

    Of course they aren’t humans, but they are the closest companion man has had for untold millenia. Dogs in all of their servitude to man are part of the fabric of man, to simply cloister them under the partition of simple property is a callous disdain for how they have contributed to the success of humankind world-wide. Without dogs and their domestication there would not be the society you and I know today. Dogs deserve to be applauded and grieved for on an equal footing with humanity. They are not humans, but they have and will continue to sacrifice on the same footing as human beings and they deserve the same honors that we bestow on man. They have earned it.

  71. drake says:

    That doesn’t take anything away from fallen officers, especially if they themselves are willing enough to do it. No reason to push your ideas on the officers who actually make an effort on a daily basis to protect our streets. If the officers choose to honor the dog this way, then they should. If someone wants to say something about dishonoring fallen officers, then it should be the officers, not you.

  72. Dee says:

    These are NOT simply service animals. They are members of an elite family.
    God Bless Schultz, his handler and family at Gloucester PD. May his killer be given the punishment deserved. Eye for an Eye. To those of you proud to show your ignorance in public – Shame on you. Maybe if you were treated better as children – you would know the meaning of compassion and the difference between right and wrong.

  73. Bob says:

    As the owner of a 5-year old Shepherd male, my heart breaks for the cop who lost his partner. These dogs are as close to human as can be, and only an owner understands their true character and potential. Good boy, Schultz. Hope St. Peter has an extra big treat waiting for you.

  74. Fish Kungfu says:

    God bless you, Officer Schultz!

    I would gladly throw that piece of trash Robinson into freight train traffic.

  75. Linda says:

    If the news account is true as stated, I hope the “alleged” perpetrator is charged with EVERY conceivable applicable felony charge and, hopefully, after being found guilty, is given the maximum penalty for EACH charge; with special attention to aggravated assault of a police officer and animal cruelty.

    To those of you who are belittling dogs – “man’s best friend” is not a title given lightly. German Shepherds are chosen for police and military work because they can be trained to put themselves in harm’s way, be it to take a bullet for their human partner or chase down an escaping suspect.

    What a pity that many dogs have more courage, honor and a true nature than a lot of the people posting comments. Rest In Peace OFFICER Schultz.

  76. Ed says:

    Schultz may you rest in peace. You will be missed by this township.
    To the Pickard family: We are sorry for your loss.

  77. Alf says:

    If the robbery suspect is found innocent, would he have been justified in defending himself against illegal bite and seizure?

  78. Cathy says:

    I am sitting here reading some of these comments in total disgust that in our society there is such small minded stupidity out there. The perp was defending himself? OMG dosen’t anyone know the meaning of accountability? RIP Shultz you did a great job and thank you for your service to our community. You earned your title as an officer. You deserve the honor and respect of the community as an officer.

  79. Sure Lee says:

    That’s what police dogs are for, to go in harm’s way where a Police Officer doesn’t dare.

  80. Jayman says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention that pigs, sheep, cattle, chickens, turkeys and rats all give their lives in order that we can live too–and they don’t even get a choice. Why aren’t they getting the same level of honor and respect here? Why can you say one life is more valuable than another? This is discrimination!!!

  81. Guy says:

    Perhaps “Officer Schultz” should have chosen a less dangerous profession.

    1. Guy says:

      Saying that the dog “lays his life on the line”, or “did his job” or calling it an “officer” is creating personification of it. Don’t report this just because I wanted to joke about your equating him to a human.

  82. Bill says:

    Dogs are more human than most people. I know i do professional dog training and have 10 border collies to prove it. Most of my dogs could hold on to a job better than a lot of the people I have to deal with.

  83. Me says:

    That knucklehead should have to pay to replace the dog, including paying for the training. Hah!

  84. Cox says:

    It’s not your choice to make. They are officers whether you “accept” them as such or not.

    1. Logical Thinker says:

      No, they are animals. Do you think that when the dog caught up he would have just knocked the guy down and stood over him? No. He would have attacked and most likely started biting. Even a police officer can’t shoot me or hit me unless I am threatening him physically first. This dog had no such reservations. If the dog was biting him then 1: there was not cruelty to animal because even the law says we can defend ourselves from vicious animal attacks and 2: Since the dog can’t take the same oaths and can’t be expected to follow the same rules as a police officer then it CANNOT be considered a police officer. Look I’m not justifying the criminals actions at the robbery but his actions with the dog were justified.

    2. Logical Thinker says:

      I am not justifying the criminals actions in the bank robbery but the two charges for the dog are bogus. First off, police officers are not allowed to shoot or use excessive force unless they are being physically threatened FIRST. This dog would have had no such reservations and I doubt that when he caught up to the robber he would have just knocked the guy over and stood there. He would have most likely started biting. So the cruelty to animals charge is bogus because the LAW says that if I am being attacked by an animal I can defend myself. The inflicting harm on a law enforcement officer is bogus as well because that dog cannot take the oaths that officers have to take nor can it understand any of the rules or laws that the officers have to abide by. Therefore it CANNOT be considered a law enforcement officer. In fact it was cruelty on animals for the COPS to send the dog after a possibly dangerous criminal. But cops are above the law so i doubt that will ever be brought up in court.

  85. Kara says:

    @ unleashed
    officer shultz was a k9 officer
    he was a German sheppard and can’t use a gun
    R.I.P. Officer shultz

  86. Bill says:

    Look if you all don’t like dogs how about we just shoot anyone who runs away from a crime. See problem solved. If you are in a problem where a Dog could save you life I guess we will just let you die, Sound good. Get a life people.

  87. Jayman says:

    Misch, What about the lab rats?

  88. richard says:

    That’s exactly what is wrong with society! People like YOU who are so lame that you can’t appreciate the difference between right and wrong! This man COULD HAVE STOLEN FROM YOU and maybe even killed you and this brave dog was there to stop him and he was fighting for YOU. Yet you are to blind to see it! YOU are in need of some counseling.

  89. Robby Gonzalez says:

    Robert, your logic is flawed and you are an idiot. Vick deserves punishment. His victims did not. I don’t care if abusing animals is acceptable in your community. It is not to me.

  90. ImaMeanperson says:

    Perhaps Shultz should have chosen a different profession, haha

  91. Steve says:

    The story says the dag tracked him down somewhere away from the scene. This leads me to believe there were no officers in the area. Did the dog identify itself as a police officer and say “freeze” before attacking the man? I’m not defending criminals, but this guy was probably just walking down the road (thinking he got away) when what he thought was a stray vicious dog attacked him. What would you do, lye down and let a stray dog maul your face?

  92. artemis133 says:

    You people saying that Schultz wasn’t a police officer killed in the line of duty are morons. RIP Schultz, you died before your time doing your job.

    1. Curt says:

      Yeah, because as a puppy, it was always his dream to be a cop

  93. Denise says:

    So Sorry for Schultz and his family who must be heartbroken.

    Schultz is most definitely a hero. RIP and God Bless!

    Again my sympathy goes out to Schultz’s family I am so sorry and will
    keep you in my thoughts!

  94. Tool says:

    I just don’t think he really intended to kill the dog.

  95. David says:

    I’d do the same thing the other guy did if I had the presence of mind…dog would be dead.

    1. Richard says:

      YEP! The truth is, I would have to! Yet, the truth also is THAT DOG would not have had a reason to be let loose on me!! I would have been the victim not the criminal! YOU DO UNDERSTAND THAT DON’T YOU and YOU DO AGREE WITH ME? RIGHT? OR…..would you also have been the criminal?

  96. Joe says:

    Yea I do. They are like my little brothers

  97. j,lee says:

    Punishment for burglary is not being mauled by an attack dog. This is self defense.

  98. ZZBAR says:

    My opinion is you are a little twisted. We are all animals. Whats saddens you is you might be a robber and the K-9s might be on your *ss one day. As the Retired Police Lieutenant stated in his comment “you look like a full blown idiot”.

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