Gloucester Twp. Police Dog Killed By Robbery Suspect

BLACKWOOD, NJ (CBS/AP) — A police “K-9” dog was killed Tuesday evening after being thrown into traffic by a robbery suspect he had chased down.

Skyler Robinson, 20, was taken into custody after an overnight hunt, and a second suspect, 19-year-old Evan Scotese, was taken into custody at his home Wednesday morning.

Police say the dog, a 3½-year-old German Shepherd, was on duty for Gloucester Township police when they responded to a burglary call at a Chinese restaurant on East Church Street in Blackwood.

The suspects made off with approximately $300 and one of them punched an employee before fleeing.

After picking up the scent of Robinson, the dog, named “Schultz,” was let loose and chased him down along the shoulder of Route 42.

But as Schultz tried to take down Robinson, he somehow got hold of him and threw him into traffic on the highway. The dog was killed instantly.

“Officer Schultz gave his life for Officer Pickard and all of the men and women of the Gloucester Township Police Department and we’re very thankful for his service,” Chief Harry Earle said.

Robinson and Scotese are both facing numerous charges, including robbery and resisting arrest by flight. In addition, Robinson is also facing charges of inflicting harm on a law enforcement animal and cruelty to animals.

Police say they are very close to K-9 units — they say they treat the dogs like they treat other officers. And the men lined up early Wednesday morning outside the Chews Landing Veterinary Hospital, saluting as the body of the dog was brought out in a hearse.

A service to honor Schultz the dog is planned for next Thursday.

Reported By: Jim Melwert, KYW Newsradio 1060 and Ben Simmoneau, CBS 3

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  • Linda

    If the news account is true as stated, I hope the “alleged” perpetrator is charged with EVERY conceivable applicable felony charge and, hopefully, after being found guilty, is given the maximum penalty for EACH charge; with special attention to aggravated assault of a police officer and animal cruelty.

    To those of you who are belittling dogs – “man’s best friend” is not a title given lightly. German Shepherds are chosen for police and military work because they can be trained to put themselves in harm’s way, be it to take a bullet for their human partner or chase down an escaping suspect.

    What a pity that many dogs have more courage, honor and a true nature than a lot of the people posting comments. Rest In Peace OFFICER Schultz.

  • ?


  • Ed

    Schultz may you rest in peace. You will be missed by this township.
    To the Pickard family: We are sorry for your loss.

  • Alf

    If the robbery suspect is found innocent, would he have been justified in defending himself against illegal bite and seizure?

  • Cathy

    I am sitting here reading some of these comments in total disgust that in our society there is such small minded stupidity out there. The perp was defending himself? OMG dosen’t anyone know the meaning of accountability? RIP Shultz you did a great job and thank you for your service to our community. You earned your title as an officer. You deserve the honor and respect of the community as an officer.

  • Sure Lee

    That’s what police dogs are for, to go in harm’s way where a Police Officer doesn’t dare.

  • Jayman

    Oh, I forgot to mention that pigs, sheep, cattle, chickens, turkeys and rats all give their lives in order that we can live too–and they don’t even get a choice. Why aren’t they getting the same level of honor and respect here? Why can you say one life is more valuable than another? This is discrimination!!!

  • Guy

    Perhaps “Officer Schultz” should have chosen a less dangerous profession.

    • Guy

      Saying that the dog “lays his life on the line”, or “did his job” or calling it an “officer” is creating personification of it. Don’t report this just because I wanted to joke about your equating him to a human.

  • Bill

    Dogs are more human than most people. I know i do professional dog training and have 10 border collies to prove it. Most of my dogs could hold on to a job better than a lot of the people I have to deal with.

  • Me

    That knucklehead should have to pay to replace the dog, including paying for the training. Hah!

  • Cox

    It’s not your choice to make. They are officers whether you “accept” them as such or not.

    • Logical Thinker

      No, they are animals. Do you think that when the dog caught up he would have just knocked the guy down and stood over him? No. He would have attacked and most likely started biting. Even a police officer can’t shoot me or hit me unless I am threatening him physically first. This dog had no such reservations. If the dog was biting him then 1: there was not cruelty to animal because even the law says we can defend ourselves from vicious animal attacks and 2: Since the dog can’t take the same oaths and can’t be expected to follow the same rules as a police officer then it CANNOT be considered a police officer. Look I’m not justifying the criminals actions at the robbery but his actions with the dog were justified.

    • Logical Thinker

      I am not justifying the criminals actions in the bank robbery but the two charges for the dog are bogus. First off, police officers are not allowed to shoot or use excessive force unless they are being physically threatened FIRST. This dog would have had no such reservations and I doubt that when he caught up to the robber he would have just knocked the guy over and stood there. He would have most likely started biting. So the cruelty to animals charge is bogus because the LAW says that if I am being attacked by an animal I can defend myself. The inflicting harm on a law enforcement officer is bogus as well because that dog cannot take the oaths that officers have to take nor can it understand any of the rules or laws that the officers have to abide by. Therefore it CANNOT be considered a law enforcement officer. In fact it was cruelty on animals for the COPS to send the dog after a possibly dangerous criminal. But cops are above the law so i doubt that will ever be brought up in court.

  • Kara

    @ unleashed
    officer shultz was a k9 officer
    he was a German sheppard and can’t use a gun
    R.I.P. Officer shultz

  • Bill

    Look if you all don’t like dogs how about we just shoot anyone who runs away from a crime. See problem solved. If you are in a problem where a Dog could save you life I guess we will just let you die, Sound good. Get a life people.

  • Jayman

    Misch, What about the lab rats?

  • richard

    That’s exactly what is wrong with society! People like YOU who are so lame that you can’t appreciate the difference between right and wrong! This man COULD HAVE STOLEN FROM YOU and maybe even killed you and this brave dog was there to stop him and he was fighting for YOU. Yet you are to blind to see it! YOU are in need of some counseling.

  • Robby Gonzalez

    Robert, your logic is flawed and you are an idiot. Vick deserves punishment. His victims did not. I don’t care if abusing animals is acceptable in your community. It is not to me.

  • ImaMeanperson

    Perhaps Shultz should have chosen a different profession, haha

  • Steve

    The story says the dag tracked him down somewhere away from the scene. This leads me to believe there were no officers in the area. Did the dog identify itself as a police officer and say “freeze” before attacking the man? I’m not defending criminals, but this guy was probably just walking down the road (thinking he got away) when what he thought was a stray vicious dog attacked him. What would you do, lye down and let a stray dog maul your face?

  • artemis133

    You people saying that Schultz wasn’t a police officer killed in the line of duty are morons. RIP Schultz, you died before your time doing your job.

    • Curt

      Yeah, because as a puppy, it was always his dream to be a cop

  • Denise

    So Sorry for Schultz and his family who must be heartbroken.

    Schultz is most definitely a hero. RIP and God Bless!

    Again my sympathy goes out to Schultz’s family I am so sorry and will
    keep you in my thoughts!

  • Tool

    I just don’t think he really intended to kill the dog.

  • David

    I’d do the same thing the other guy did if I had the presence of mind…dog would be dead.

    • Richard

      YEP! The truth is, I would have to! Yet, the truth also is THAT DOG would not have had a reason to be let loose on me!! I would have been the victim not the criminal! YOU DO UNDERSTAND THAT DON’T YOU and YOU DO AGREE WITH ME? RIGHT? OR…..would you also have been the criminal?

  • Joe

    Yea I do. They are like my little brothers

  • j,lee

    Punishment for burglary is not being mauled by an attack dog. This is self defense.


    My opinion is you are a little twisted. We are all animals. Whats saddens you is you might be a robber and the K-9s might be on your *ss one day. As the Retired Police Lieutenant stated in his comment “you look like a full blown idiot”.

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