Love ’em or hate ’em, cover bands are here to stay. Some might make you want to pull out your hair and ask the heavens “Why?” but with this list of the top five Philadelphia area cover bands, you might just find yourself singing along. Some of these musicians have been here longer than most locals, while others are just making a huge splash in the area scene. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

There is nothing hotter than an all-girl cover band…except one that plays all Metallica songs! Originally called Queen Diamond in 2008, these chicks can totally rock. Mainly covering the first four Metallica albums (Kill ‘Em All, Master of Puppets, Ride the Lightning, Justice of All and some from Garage Inc.), all the metal heads come and leave with the sore neck syndrome commonly known as “rocking your head off.” Misstallica plays all over the city, so check out the band’s website for venues and cover charges.

The Manny Trio

The Manny Trio includes Chris Martin (guitar, vocals), Jesse Mell (drums, vocals) and Richie Sanfillippo (second bass, vocals), and they make rock seem easy. They play “mostly singles… with some doubles and triples mixed in.” With hits from the ’90s and beyond, these guys put on a great show — not just musically, but with good vibes and great energy. They sometimes play festivals and events, so check the website for future venues and cover charges.

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Lima Bean Riot

Originally from Delaware County, LBR serves up modern rock but doesn’t stop there. Dubbed as one of the area’;s most sought-after cover bands, this six-person musical mogul covers classic rock, R&B, pop, hip-hop and jazz, and doesn’t just play bars. The band is happy to play private parties, weddings, festivals and corporate events as well. From gigs all the way to the Borgata and back, you certainly won’t have a hard time finding this band at a venue near you.

Split Decision

Since 1998, these guys have been bringing rock and roll up and down the East Coast. From Boston to Ohio, these five musicians claim more than 250 bookings a year, and that’s just bars and clubs. Alleged to have been around for forever, this band knows its way around cover songs. From McFadden’s to the Borgata to Mad River, you can see Split Decision all over the city. With the era of grunge music under its belts, you will most likely be jamming to sounds of the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s with some random Bob Marley songs thrown in. During the summertime, you’ll find the band grooving at the shore between New York and Virginia.

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The Benders

Big pompadour hair and zoot suits just scratch this band’s surface. With a slick ’50s style and polished shoes, this foursome can easily cut a rug. Celebrating its 26th year of entertaining the masses, The Benders is more about Big Band fun with a little glitz than hard-core rock and roll. Known to play all over the country, this band is hard to find, so keep an eye on its upcoming travel dates and venues. It’s well worth the wait.

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