By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Supporters of Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner are denouncing an effort by three House Republicans to impeach him. State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta and others joined the Working Families Party in Harrisburg on Tuesday in support of Krasner.

A trio of House Republicans from Western Pennsylvania and Central Pennsylvania initiated the process to impeach Krasner and remove him from office on Monday. They blame him for what they called “unchecked violent crime,” especially in the wake of the South Street mass shooting.

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One Krasner supporter told Eyewitness News on Tuesday the impeachment effort is a slap in the face to Philadelphia voters who overwhelmingly re-elected Krasner to a second term as the city’s district attorney.

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“It’s suggesting that these voices do not know how to govern themselves, these voters, these people, these human beings do not know what is best for them when they went to the ballot box and elected him,” Nicolas O’Rourke, Pennsylvania Working Families Party Organizing Director, said.

There would have to be a majority vote in the Pennsylvania House and Senate to impeach Krasner.

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Political experts say it’s unlikely that will happen.