By Joe Holden

FOLCROFT, Pa. (CBS) — Charges have been filed against a woman in the disappearance of a Delaware County boy. Ten-year-old Mason Brooks is now home safe and sound following an intense search.

There’s a lot of confusion with the case. Why was Mason taken? And after Brooke Metra was taken into custody and charged, police say she escaped the police building and attempted to carjack another woman.

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The Folcroft fourth-grader’s disappearance on Saturday evening sparked an all-out search on land and water for any trace of the boy.

His grandmother, Cheryl Brooks, says it was terrible.

“Oh my God, it was heartbreaking and I’m so blessed to have him home. Everybody prayed and prayed and God is good, God has blessed us,” she said.

Mason was found unharmed Sunday afternoon in the basement of a home in Southwest Philadelphia.

Folcroft Police have charged Metra with custodial interference. Metra is known to the family.

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Detectives say the fact they could not locate her car tipped them off in her direction.

“When the car was missing, it kind of made a little bit of sense and there was two people involved. And Mason was very comfortable and knew the person so it kind of made us feel that that possibly could be them,” Folcroft Police Chief William Bair said.

While waiting to be taken to jail, Metra was somehow able to leave the police department. Officers say she then attempted to carjack a woman.

“This lady came from nowhere, tapping my window. By the time I realized my door was open, she was inside the car already. Now she took my key and forced me to drive, so I turned my car off and put it in park. And then she took the key and hold my leg and try to force me put my foot on the gas,” Abie Jalloh said.

Metra didn’t make it far. Police were right behind her and took her back into custody.

Mason and his family are looking forward to some peace and quiet.

“I’m thankful he’s home and so is he,” Brooks said.

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Metra is expected to face additional charges in relation to leaving the police department and the attempted carjacking.