PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Wells Fargo Center is preparing to welcome some of its fans back to the stands this weekend. The reopening will mean hundreds of people will return to work.

Things will look a little different at the site. So what can fans expect?

You’ve got the Flyers, the Washington Capitals, and you’ve got fans — all three will be inside Wells Fargo Center Sunday.

The sweet sweet sound of entry.

“It all feels a different level of real when you’ve got fans coming in and we’re a couple days away from it,” Wells Fargo Center Chief Business Officer Michael Shane said.

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Fans finally get to return to Wells Fargo Center Sunday for the Flyers, with the Sixers to follow shortly.

“The demand is going to be so great that we created a priority waitlist for our fans. First time we’ve ever done that,” Shane said.

Entry into the stadium will require a health assessment, cashless parking and a suggested time of arrival all to mitigate crowds convening.

Merchandise and food orders can all be done from your seats as you sit and watch the Flyers — masks on unless you’re eating or drinking.

“Every staff member, every fan, as they exit their vehicles, is required to have their mask on. They have to wear that mask as they’re moving around the facility at all times,” Wells Fargo Center General Manager Phil Laws said.

The question you’re probably asking is how many people? Thirty-one hundred Flyers fans will be able to sit in seats of two to four pods that are spaced out at least six feet apart.

“We had the best home record in the NHL last year and we have the best fans in the NHL and those two things, that’s not a coincidence,” Laws said.

Sunday will be just four days shy of an entire year since Wells Fargo Center last welcomed fans.

“I can say for me and the folks that work here at the building every day, this has not been the same,” Laws said.

A return of fans also means a return to work. Wells Fargo Center says 650 employees will report to work on Sunday.