By Kate Bilo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Whether you love the snow or hate it, there’s no question we’re seeing more of it these days. Last winter was virtually snowless with only 0.3 inches and the previous year also saw below-average snow. So, we haven’t had to deal with a winter like this one in quite a while.

In under two weeks, February has already brought us three snowstorms and there’s more on the way. Every time there’s snow in the forecast, the Eyewitness News Weather Team meets, on Zoom, of course.

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We discuss everything from snow totals to timing, to the location of that pesky rain/snow line. We all voice our opinions and listen to one another, putting our brains and experience together to craft a forecast for our viewers.

Clearly, we’re in a snowy pattern right now. The polar vortex has weakened in the month of February, allowing frequent shots of arctic cold to plunge southward.

In addition, a blocking pattern in the atmosphere is keeping a persistent trough in the jet stream over the northeast, allowing a number of storms to roll through.

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So, what does the rest of the winter look like?

We’re expecting colder than normal temperatures and frequent chances for storms. The NAO, or North Atlantic Oscillation, is forecast to remain in a negative state through at least the end of February. This generally means a colder, stormier pattern for the eastern U.S.

Next week will feature some of the coldest air in years over parts of the U.S.

So maybe Punxsutawney Phil was right after all. It looks like the rest of winter could be a wild ride, possibly with a brief break in the action during the early days of March.

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Perception is key here, though. Remember that our average snowfall in Philadelphia is 22.4 inches. This will likely end up being an average winter, but the lack of snow over the past two years certainly makes it feel busier than normal.