PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Philadelphia small business that shot to fame during the 2020 presidential election got another dose of fame on Super Bowl Sunday. Four Seasons Total Landscaping in Holmesburg first gained national attention in November when then-presidential advisor Rudy Giuliani accidentally chose it as the setting for a high-profile news conference.

“We were just people, ordinary people that got caught up in an extraordinary situation,” said owner and CEO Marie Siravo.

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Siravo had been preparing to hand over the nearly 30-year-old business to her son Michael. But she could have never predicted what would happen next.

Fiverr, a global company that connects businesses with freelancers, asked her to star in its first-ever Super Bowl commercial.

“We feel so proud that she’s in our Super Bowl ad and that it’s helping her business,” said Fiverr’s Vice President of Brand, Duncan Bird.

The ad pokes fun at Four Seasons’ chance brush with fame, and though Siravo had no prior acting experience, she comes across as a natural.

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“The director was so amazing that I’d say my line, and he’d say, ‘Marie, I need that a little tougher, I need that a little louder, I need that with a little more attitude.’ I’m from South Philadelphia, that wasn’t real hard for me to do,” she said.

“Is this the lobby?” a woman asks in the ad. “This is not a hotel!” Siravo shouts back in a funny nod to the Giuliani mix-up.

While the spot has gotten lots of laughs, it’s emotional for Siravo, who said it will have a lasting impact on the legacy she leaves as she retires knowing her company is as strong as ever.

“Fiverr made sure of that,” she said. “My grandchildren will remember me, will remember me when I’m not here, and I’m lucky enough that I have my children to carry on my dream.”

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After a whirlwind three months since that infamous press conference, Siravo is going on a much-deserved vacation.