By Kimberly Davis

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Some want to know after you get both COVID-19 vaccine doses, can you go back to how you used to live and not wear a mask or keep six feet from people. A local doctor is reminding people this vaccine doesn’t give you carte blanche.

“These vaccines are designed to prevent disease symptoms. So you still may get the infection, but where these vaccines work is to prevent the serious disease symptoms,” said Dr. Rob Danoff.

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It can be an emotional moment for those who’ve decided to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

“Literally they cry because they’re so worried, they’re scared. The other day I had this person with me and he just literally, this gentleman started crying,” Danoff said.

Danoff oversees the COVID vaccination center at Jefferson Northeast—Bucks Campus.

“I can tell you at our center just a few days ago, a few people said, ‘Oh doc, now I don’t have to wear the facial coverings anymore.’ I go, ‘Oh yes, you do,'” Danoff said.

Though folks can be comforted knowing they most likely won’t experience serious symptoms related to COVID, you still can’t let your guard down.

“We still need to wear our facial coverings, we still need to socially distance, we still need to wash our hands even if you have the vaccine,” Danoff said.

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Until 85-90% of the population is vaccinated this new normal will have to continue.

“If the other person is not protected themselves or has not had the vaccine, they potentially could still get the infection and get very sick,” Danoff said.

Danoff says the medical community is hoping by the end of April or May, regular every day people can receive the vaccine, especially if the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is approved.


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