By Alecia Reid

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — With temperatures this cold, many are trying to find ways to stay warm. Eyewitness News has some dos and don’ts for heating your home and some resources for those who need a place to go.

These biting cold temperatures aren’t for the faint of heart. You want to make sure your source of heat is safe. Whipping winds coupled with cold temperatures can be brutal.

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“It is getting there, yes,” Alexa Sammie of South Philadelphia said.

People out and about are bundled up and staying warm.

“Obviously with my new Eddie Bauer down jacket,” Cara Clinton of Northern Liberties said.

Staying inside where it’s warm and cozy is always a great idea.

Fairmount Hardware has been busy.

“Everything’s been flying off the shelves, from firewood to heaters, parts for generators,” Michelle Connelly with Fairmount Hardware said. “People are fixing their equipment that they’re realizing is not working.”

To retain heat, insulate windows and doors. Apply a sealant in any cracks if necessary.

“You also want to make sure your window frames have a sealant in all those cracks and crevices where it needs it,” Connelly said, “and that’s done with putty or foam.”

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Be cautious. Lt. Kenneth Legions from the Philadelphia Fire Department’s Community Action Team says horrific fires during winter months are oftentimes caused by preventable accidents. Space heaters are excellent when used properly.

“So, if you have pets, three feet away, kids, three feet away,” Legions said. “If you leave for any reason, there’s no such thing as I’m only going to the store, I’m only going downstairs. Shut it off.”

And never use your oven to heat your home. Chemicals released can be deadly.

“It’s the same thing as going in your car, shutting the garage door, and starting the car,” Legions said.

If you’re looking for someplace warm outside of your home, check with your local shelters.

In addition, Prevention Point Philadelphia is offering a warming center at their Kensington location until 7 a.m. Sunday as well as Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.


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