By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The director of a Philadelphia nonprofit is being held under quarantine in South America after testing positive for COVID-19. Brian Jenkins is the executive director for Chosen 300 Ministries, which helps the homeless and needy.

Jenkins says he will be tested again on Monday for coronavirus as he sits in a hospital in Guyana. He tested positive when he was there, but as he told Eyewitness News, he says their testing system is all wrong.

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“I’m doing OK. I’m alive, basically. I’m pretty much in COVID jail,” Jenkins said.

He says he is unjustifiably stuck in a COVID hospital in Guyana.

“Honestly at this point, I just want to go home,” he said.

Jenkins tested positive for coronavirus in early December.

He was asymptomatic and per Guyana’s rules, tested negative multiple times before his trip. But then he got to Guyana and tested positive.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says test results can come back positive for up to three months without the person being contagious.

“On the 8th, they actually sent a team of guys in hazmat suits and security and pretty much had me pulled out of my hotel room, gave me 15 minutes to pack and took me to this facility,” Jenkins said.

He’s currently sleeping on a twin-size bed, with only a small table. And because the facility is housing COVID-positive patients, he says he rarely leaves his room

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“This is the outside of the facility here. It’s gated around. I’m free to go downstairs into the yard if I want. It’s kind of like prison, if you ask me,” he said.

Does Jenkins have any additional concerns for his health as he’s awaiting his negative results?

“As far as my health and safety, yeah I’m definitely concerned about that because I know I don’t have it,” said Jenkins.

He was in Guyana to continue the work of the Chosen 300 and he fears he could be there until February if he doesn’t test negative.

The Chosen 300 offers meals and other services to the homeless in Philadelphia. But they also distribute over a million pounds of food all around the world, including to 10 locations in Guyana.

“I got a few emails this morning, why would you take the risk, and the reality is that we do this for the cause of Christ and that’s our focus,” Jenkins said. “Until we get to that place where out Christianity really commands us to go out and help people regardless of the cost then our Christianity isn’t at its full capacity.“


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