YARDLEY, Pa. (CBS) — Shady Brook Farm in Yardley offers plenty to do all year long, but this time of the year, it turns into a magical place to visit. Tonight, Jessica Kartalija chats with Paul Fleming, one of the owners, about why it’s such a great place to create holiday memories.

“I am the farmer at Shady Brook Farm and I also take care of the special events at Shady Brook Farm,” Fleming said. “We put lights all day long and at night, it gets dark, and you can see what you did. It’s really fun to get to do that.

Fleming is a fourth-generation farmer out at Shady Brook Farm.

“My favorite part is just being outside, to be honest with you,” Fleming said. “Just being outside, I really enjoy it. I see people working inside all the time, and I’m like, ‘woo, I don’t think I can do that.’ Being outside with your family, kids can run around, they’re not worried about being on their phones or whatever, just having a blast. They can pick apples, see apples and get strawberries, or blueberries, whatever.”

The lights at Shady Brook Farm will be shining until Jan. 10, but you’ll have to purchase timed tickets before you arrive.

For more of Jessica Kartalija’s A Chat With Paul Fleming, watch the video above.


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Jessica Kartalija