By Dan Koob

SEWELL, N.J. (CBS) — Protests are happening in every corner of the country, including in the Delaware Valley. The fight over the United States Postal Service is heating up on the streets and on Capitol Hill.

Some of the nearly 800 protests nationwide happened in Philadelphia and its suburbs. The #SaveThePostOffice rallies are demanding Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s resignation.

“This is a serious situation that is happening here now,” Jim Stewart said.

A shakedown of the United States Postal Service has many up in arms.

“It’s not a business, it’s a service. It’s in the constitution,” Stewart said. “What they’re doing shouldn’t be allowed.”

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Shuttering mail sorters, cutting overtime for postal workers, and limiting hours of operation. The changes have those, even in these divisive times, worried about the potential impact the policies could have on November’s general election and the mass amounts of mail-in votes that figure to decide the presidency.

So on Saturday, nationwide rallies to support the USPS and its workers took place, including one in Old City and one in Sewell.

(Credit: CBS3)

“Postal workers going past have been honking, police officers, people in the community are definitely all supportive,” Joanne Murphy, an organizer of the Sewell rally, said.

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Tens of protesters lined Center Street right outside of the post office asking for the resignation of DeJoy.

“It’s not acceptable to say that we can’t go out and vote, whether it’s by mail or in-person. It’s not right,” Murphy said. “It’s our duty, our civic duty.”

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Stewart is a veteran and a former mail clerk in the Army — serving in Germany. He says voting implications notwithstanding, a dismantling of the USPS leaves many who have served feeling helpless.

“There are veterans that are not getting their medicine everyday,” Stewart said. “There are soldiers overseas and I think that’s horrible.”