By Alecia Reid

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Celebrations for America’s birthday had a different tone this year in Philadelphia. Hundreds of protesters hit the streets of Philadelphia on July 4th.

Saturday was Independence Day and rallies across the city were calling attention to a number of injustices.

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Marching from Dilworth Park to Independence Hall, the Refuse Fascism group is calling for an end to the Trump/Pence administration.

“The entire fascist regime in power right now impales all of humanity, the lives of people in this country and all around the world and the future of our planet itself,” Sam Goldman, with Refuse Fascism, said.

The group believes President Donald Trump is setting the stage to win the upcoming presidential election at any cost.

“He wants to drag this country back to its darkest moments in history and exact revenge on anyone and everyone that dares to rise up,” Goldman said. “It’s up to us, in the streets, in our millions to drive this regime from power.”

Earlier in the day, hundreds of people also marched to Independence Hall, calling attention to violence against trans people locally and nationally.

The protest was put together rather quickly. Organizers say they needed to mobilize in order to uplift Black trans lives in Philadelphia.

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The rally kicked off at Front and Chestnut Streets. They stopped at the African-American History Museum, then ended up at Independence Hall near the federal prosecutor’s office.

It comes weeks after Dominique “Rem’mie” Fells was found stabbed to death and dismembered. The 27-year-old trans woman was found on the banks of the Schuylkill River.

Her alleged killer, 36-year-old Akhenaton Jones, is still at large.

Hundreds of people gathered on Saturday calling attention to the attacks trans people continue to face, saying they are not only vulnerable to murder but also homelessness and other violence.

(Credit: CBS3)

Organizers from Black Trans Assembly for Abolition say these are issues that need to be addressed.

With the word abolish, they want to abolish the current system because it is broken and center a conversation around Black trans lives.

“We have many outstanding murders here in Philadelphia and across the nation,” Roberto Thornton, with Black Trans Assembly for Abolition, said. “and no one’s talking about it. Again, we need to begin to center Black trans people because all Black lives matter and that includes trans people. There’s a lot of transphobia in the Black community, as well as outside the Black community. So we have to begin to center and uplift Black trans people.”

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Organizers from both rallies say their movement will continue to push awareness.