By Alecia Reid

JACKSON, N.J. (CBS) — Friday’s hot weather did not stop thrill-seekers from flocking back for Six Flags Great Adventure’s reopening. Season pass holders and members were welcomed back Friday with significant changes made in an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Coronavirus precautions have changed a lot at Great Adventure, but one thing that remains the same? The long lines.

First things first, everyone gets a temperature check.

“It kind of looked like I was walking into a space station with a giant thing aimed at me,” Tristan Souza said.

REOPENING GUIDE: Current COVID-19 Guidelines for Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware

Not everyone is happy with all of the changes.

“It’s really [thumbs down] in my book,” Anthony Fuschino said. “I don’t like it.”

And like always, lines galore.

“We’re going in the fast pass line because there’s a two-hour wait right now for Nitro,” Constance Licata said.

Even in the hot summer temps masks are required, unless you take a break in one of the designated areas.

“We have eight designated spots where you can sit socially distanced with your groups, from other groups and take off your mask,” Megan Werts, a communications supervisor, said.

None of this changes the excitement some are feeling.

“I like the Joker because it makes me feel like I’m going in 15 different directions at once,” Karissa Clark said.

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The Joker didn’t disappoint. Too bad for Justice League Battle for Metropolis fans, that ride is currently closed. Not only is it indoors, but there are also too many touchpoints for the newly-formed cleaned team to get to. They are, however, making sure the rest of the grounds are sanitized.

If you’re planning on visiting any theme park, get used to new protocols, including social distancing on rides.

Although it seems like a long wait to get in, park employees say they’re only at 25% capacity, way less than the governor’s 50% mandate.

“To ensure that everyone is social distancing so far,” Werts said. “That may increase as we’re gradually increasing our attendance.”

The park was open for the season pass holders and members on Friday. On Saturday, it’s all-access for the public. Remember, you first have to make a reservation.

The normal July 4th fireworks have been canceled. The park is only open until 7 p.m., at least for July.