By Greg Argos

PERKIOMEN TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — Eyewitness News spoke exclusively with the family of a young woman who was beaten to death. The family of Sabrina Harooni is devastated and confused.

Police say the suspect in her murder was her boyfriend but her sister says she’s never heard of him.

“Sabrina Harooni, you will never be forgotten,” Maryam Harooni said. “It’s a feeling like somebody just took your heart out and just threw it away.”

That pain and longing to spend one more second with her younger sister is Maryam Harooni’s only wish.

“I would do anything to see her just one more time,” Harooni said. “She was the heart of our family. She was the baby.”

Credit: CBS3

But on Sunday, Feb. 2, investigators in Montgomery County say 23-year-old Nicholas Forman brutally beat Sabrina Harooni to death.

Court documents show the two argued in an Uber ride over a text message. Forman then allegedly took his anger out on the 22-year-old, hitting and choking her when they arrived at his Perkiomen Township home.

The following day, police say Forman brought Sabrina Harooni’s lifeless body in an Uber ride to a nearby hospital where doctors pronounced her dead.

“An evil, devil person hurt my sister, took her life from us, did not value her. She was a gem,” Maryam Harooni said.

Police say the two were a couple.

“I had never heard his name until we heard that he was arrested,” Harooni said of Forman.

In addition to the pain of burying her sister and best friend — a young woman who loved animals and whose goals included earning her business degree — Harooni says her family is dealing with lies and hurtful messages from people online.

“Sabrina is not here to tell us the truth and they’re taking what this monster said and spreading it,” Harrooni said. “I just ask for respect of Sabrina.”

Respect and for justice, as well.

“She was an angel on earth and now she is an angel watching over us,” Harooni said.