PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — No one had an offseason quite like Zach Ertz. The Eagles’ tight end watched Julie, his wife, win the World Cup in France.

Ertz said he’s proud of her, but now he has to win another championship to even the score.

It’s rare the Ertz’s schedules align, but they did this summer when Zach spent three weeks in France training while Julie played in the World Cup for the U.S. Women’s National Team.

“I couldn’t see Julie too much so I was literally just training for five or six hours a day over there. It was 115 degrees it seemed like in Europe,” Ertz said. “It was a really cool experience. Everyone over there was very, very helpful for me.”

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While Zach helped deliver the Lombardi Trophy to Philadelphia in 2017-18, he’s playing catch-up to Julie, who won the World Cup for the second time.

“That is the only goal that I have, just for a household standpoint. She’s up 2-1, I’m extremely proud of her. She’ll always say they only play every four years though so she always has that in her back pocket,” Ertz said.

Hopefully, Zach won’t have to wait too long to get his second championship.