By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia lawmakers are once again pushing to ban guns in city parks in response to the recent spike in gun violence. Philadelphia City Council announced legislation on Wednesday afternoon that would turn parks into safe havens.

There have been two mass shootings in the city’s parks so far this summer. One person died and 13 others were injured. People from all walks of life are now working to bring peace back to the streets.

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“What saved my life, barbering since the age of 14,” said Faheem Alexander, of Faheem Hands of Precision. “I’m 41 now.”

Alexander has been cutting hair in South Philly for nearly 30 years. He’s trying to get to young people by teaching them the same skill he says saved his life.

“These clippers, I’d rather pick these up than pick up a gun,” he said. “These can cut down hair and hair grows back. Guns take somebody’s life and lives don’t come back.”

Alexander’s shop is at 20th and Snyder, not far from where one person was killed and six others injured at a playground shooting in June. Alexander is now working with community activist Anton Moore to help bring peace back to the community.

“We have to do more,” said Moore, the founder of Unity in the Community. “We have to continue to help the disenfranchised and go into these neighborhoods to talk to the heart of the people that are struggling.”

The anti-violence organization is planning its annual South Philly Peace Week. While Moore is working to stop the violence, he says banning guns in parks is missing the mark.

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“You’re only really talking to the ones that are responsible with their guns already,” explained Moore. “We have to get to the ones that carry the guns illegally.”

The City Council and state representatives are uniting to ban guns from city parks.

“These are public spaces,” said state Rep. Donna Bullock. “They should be safe places.”

The city passed a similar law in 2013 but it was never enacted because state lawmakers failed to act. State. Sen. Vincent Hughes was in the state Senate back then. He says he’s fighting for children and their families.

“Let the children play, let the children laugh, let families enjoy themselves,” Hughes said.

The bills will be formally introduced in September.

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CBS3’s Howard Monroe reports.