NORRISTOWN, Pa. (CBS) – While many visitors simply stroll around the Elmwood Park Zoo, there is another vantage point that let’s you fly high. At the Elmwood Park Zoo, treetop adventures can be found and it’s the only park in the region in which you can zip line over animals.

At the Elmwood Park Zoo, they have some wild sights but none as thrilling as the Treetop Adventures, ranging from trunks climbs for the kids to the elevated exhibition elk.

As you grow with the zoo, they have the challenge for you and no doubt you’ll be hook if you’re 54 inches and over.

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On the zoo safari alone you can zip in eight different directions and fly like Tarzan while taking on 20 different obstacles.

The entire course can take as long as two hours, but there is a simulated 30 foot free fall known as the quick jump.

Either way if you want to take to the treetops slow like a tortoise or fast like a hare, guaranteed it’ll bring out the animal within.

Watch the video above for more on the Elmwood Park Zoo’s Treetop Adventures.

Vittoria Woodill