NORRISTOWN, Pa. (CBS) – The Elmwood Park Zoo is home to hundreds of animals with more than 50 designated as animal ambassadors. They visit schools and go to public events.

Among these animals, some you may instantly recognize. These are the 2019 Elmwood Zoo All-Stars.

Standing roughly 2 feet tall, weighing in at 3 pounds. She fights, fights, fights for the Cherry and White.

Let’s meet, the Temple Owl.

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“This is Stella and she is a great horned owl at the Elmwood Park Zoo,” Laura Soder, educator at the zoo, said. “She’s one of our ambassador animals and she’s also Temple’s live mascot. She does all the home football games at Lincoln Financial Field and she also does a lot of basketball in the spring.”

“They can turn their heads about 270 degrees,” Soder added. “So her body can face forward, but she can look all the way around to the other side.”

The next All-Star is a Super Bowl champion.

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Standing stoically at about 3 feet tall, weighing in at 10 pounds, it’s the Philadelphia Eagle.

“This is Noah. He’s a bald eagle,” Erin Rackovan said. “He’s actually 17 years old. He’ll be 18 in July and Noah is one of our ambassador eagles at the Elmwood Park Zoo.”

Noah might be missing an eye because of an injury as a baby, but he’s still an All-Star.

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“He actually goes to all of the Philadelphia Eagles’ home games,” Rackovan said. “So he does get to go around and teach people about eagle conservation.”

When he’s on the field, Noah is a hard hitter, thanks to his Eagles helmet.

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“We had a falconer design, this is so that when he goes to the game, if we need him to be calm we actually put this helmet on,” Rackovan said.

Last but not least, standing at roughly 12 inches high and weighing next to nothing, a slam-dunking bird.

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“This is Buckwheat. He’s a yellow-naped Amazon parrot and he’s also really social,” Maddie Sloan said.

Not only that, but Buckwheat can also dunk a basketball.