HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBS) – A Pennsylvania man has pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges after several animals on his Hamilton Township, New Jersey farm were found covered in six inches of feces. Officials say many of the animals were found sick and some even dead.

On Monday, 55-year-old Henry Guzikowski pleaded guilty to two counts of third-degree animal cruelty.

Henry Guzikowski - Hamilton Township Farm Owner Pleads Guilty After Several Animals Found Covered In 6 Inches Of Feces

Authorities say Guzikowski, the owner of a 14-acre farm on Uncle Pete’s Road in Hamilton, was keeping several animals living in unsanitary conditions.

During a search of his farm back in August 2018, officials found 38 runner ducks covered in about six inches of feces. Two were dead.

Nine pigs were also found covered in feces inside a garage-like structure.

Twelve chickens were found inside an abandoned house. Five were dead and another died while officials were securing the property. Fifty-four chickens were found in a coop. All appeared to be sick and one had severe growths on its feet, detectives said.

Guzikowski was previously found guilty of animal cruelty in 2014 when he had 20 rabbits removed from his care. And in January 2019, Bucks County SPCA rescued 30 rabbits from Guzikowski’s property in Lower Makefield after they were found living in frigid temperatures and unsanitary conditions.