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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP/CBS) — Taylor Swift escaped from her enclosure at the Sacramento Zoo Sunday. No, not the superstar singer from Reading. The antelope.

Officials are trying to determine how a young antelope named Taylor Swift managed to get out of its enclosure at the Sacramento Zoo.

The bongo calf’s escape led officials to briefly close the zoo Sunday.

Zoo spokeswoman Laurel Vincent tells the Sacramento Bee the 1-year-old was with its mother when visitors reported it had gotten out. Visitors were escorted away while the main gate was closed.

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Vincent says staff used baffle boards and tables to gently guide the antelope to an off-exhibit holding area less than 15 minutes after it went missing. The zoo veterinarian found the animal had a few scrapes, but was otherwise healthy.

Vincent says the calf was named after the singer because she was “very swiftly on her feet after birth.”

Hopefully there is no “Bad Blood” between the antelope and the zookeepers and the two can “Shake It Off” and “Begin Again.”

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