HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS/AP) — A Republican state represenative in Pennsylvania took to social media to express his feelings and thoughts about a fellow lawmaker.

Rep. Daryl Metcalfe called his colleague a “lying homosexual” in a Facebook post attacking liberal legislators.

GOP Lawmaker At Center Of Arm-Touching Tirade Won’t Step Down

He tells The Associated Press that he mentioned the sexual orientation of Democratic Rep. Brian Sims of Philadelphia because Sims has spoken openly about being gay, and because he believes it is “immoral behavior.”

Sims is calling Metcalfe “Rep. Snowflake McRacist” on Twitter and says Metcalfe “claims victimhood” when he’s called out in public.

The two lawmakers have clashed for several years.

Metcalfe’s district is north of Pittsburgh. He is chairman of the House State Government Committee.

Pennsylvania Dems Call For GOP Lawmaker’s Resignation After ‘Random Homophobic Tirade’

Metcalfe also recently accosted another state lawmaker for repeatedly touching his arm, and suggested the man might be gay.