PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — If you’ve ever dated a co-worker, you know it can get complicated — which could explain why more people are choosing to shy away from it.

A new study by Career Builder found office romance hit a ten-year-low, with 36 percent of workers dating a co-worker, down from 41 percent last year.

“Ultimately, when you involve your employer or job, you need to think long and hard about it,” said Philadelphia attorney Joe Marrone.

He says that while the #MeToo movement has created positive change, it’s also changed the dynamics of in-office romance, leading some to second-guess their actions, even when their intentions are good.

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“The question becomes: how do you protect yourself on all levels?” said Marrone, who says it starts with corporate policy.  From reporting relationships to human resources to signing a love contract.

Yep, they have those now.

And since romance often affects relationships with other co-workers, Marrone suggests staying away from relationships with bosses or subordinates.

“It’s going to cause favoritism, gossip. It’s never healthy in a working environment.”