By Jessica Dean

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The story of the underdog is as Philadelphian as it gets.

In 1776 Philadelphia, a group of revolutionaries signed the Declaration of Independence and went to war with the all-powerful British Empire. Nobody thought the new nation and its bare bones military stood a chance.

Over 240 years later, the American flag flies high.

Rocky Balboa was a nobody with a chip on his shoulder and everything to prove. The character became a national symbol of grit and determination–an example of pure talent shaped by the city of Philadelphia.

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Philadelphians know what it’s like to be counted out and underestimated. And they also know what it’s like to prove them all wrong.

This week it’s been no different.

Passion, grit and perseverance flow through these streets.

Philadelphia doesn’t shy away from being the underdog, it thrives.

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It’s in the city’s blood and in the history books because it’s what makes Philadelphians.

For that Philadelphia and its underdogs get three cheers.