By Alexandria Hoff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Minnesota airline has added additional charter flights bound for Philadelphia on Sunday specifically for Vikings fans and Eagles nation is ready to greet them with open arms—sort of.

“When you play Philly you play the whole city,” one fan said.

Step inside Pimp My Tee on 4th Street and they are busy with dozens of custom orders for Eagles gear.

Caterers,  bars and restaurant owners are also gearing up to provide the game day experience for those unable to score tickets inside the Linc.

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“We are hoping for a win but as long as the Eagles are winning, we are winning,  so we are hoping to be busy,” said Marlos Dilks, owner of Slice pizza.

Philadelphia’s Slice locations are offering up a full game day experience, plus specials for the NFC Championship.

“It’s a pizza we have created for the Eagles fans. It’s our Eagles spicy meat lovers because it’s a hot pizza since the Eagles are hot,” said Dilks.

This is Philly, so there are some seeking to celebrate the Eagles in a less conventional way.

“I think the closer we get to a championship the more people want to represent and put a logo on their body,” said tattoo artist Matthew Solomon.

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At Philadelphia Eddies, located at 621 S 4th St, they still remember being swamped after the 2008 World Series.

“Tons of Philly Ps went out,” Solomon said.

Now tattoo artists are preparing for what could be an influx of Eagles tattoos.

“I’ll do logos all day if they want to get them done,” Solomon says.