By Anita Oh

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — As freezing rain and sleet created icy conditions on roadways, drivers in Pennsylvania tried quickly to get home.

“Everyone’s driving pretty slow just trying not to hit someone in front of them,” said Mike Weinberg.

Weinberg says his boss gave him the green light to leave work early in order to get home before conditions worsened.

Other drivers were also trying to get out of the conditions.


“I know better than to be out so I’m just trying to get back home,” said Brian Panasevicz.

PennDOT deployed 350 crews to treat the roads, but officials say this kind of mix precipitation can be trickier than a pure snowfall event.

“It’s not a good situation. Ice is never good. There’s just no clean way to get rid of it,” said Brad Rudolph of PennDOT.

Icy Conditions Expected Through Tuesday Morning Commute

That’s echoed by Kyle Freas of Lower Merion Township, who is putting down salt.

“Freezing rain and the sleet is the worst,” he said.

In New Jersey, where residents are still digging out from heavy snow,  the Camden County Department of Public Works is prepping for treacherous conditions.

“It has been non-stop. We actually were starting to wash off the trucks from Friday and Saturday and we just got halfway through that one, we got the weather bulletin saying we were going to have precipitation, possibly in the form of ice,” said Chris Merulla,  road supervisor for the Camden County Highway Department.

Officials are urging drivers to take it slowly if they are traveling early Tuesday morning.