By Rich Zeoli

3:03 pm-Iranians take to the streets in the biggest demonstrations in nearly a decade.

3:40 pm-CNN revels in pot smoke during New Year’s Eve report from Denver.

3:50 pm-NY Times: Trump Deregulation Plan Responsible for ‘Newfound Confidence’ in Business.

4:02 pm- Carson Wentz Defends Hunting Photo Posted To Twitter.

4:28 pm-Hoda Kotb Takes Over as Co-Anchor of NBC’s ‘Today’ Show.

4:43 pm-Iran’s Theocracy Is on the Brink.

5:03 pm-What is the weather phenomenon “Bombogenesis” ?

5:26 pm-Behar: ‘Crazy’ Trump Is ‘Scared’ of Criticizing the Women of ‘The View’

5:35 pm-Pardoned by Christie, Shaneen Allen pushed for change to U.S. gun laws.