BETHLEHEM, Pa. (CBS) – The officers in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania truly embody the best of the holiday season.

On Christmas Day, police say they were dispatched to a home after a woman reported her 10-year-old son’s Christmas gifts stolen.

Police detailed the incident on their Facebook page, saying the woman was loading the gifts into her car and ran inside to say goodbye to relatives.

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That’s when the thief struck.

“She was only inside for minutes when ‘someone’ went into her vehicle and stole ALL of the gifts. The gifts were for her 10-year-old son, some of which were very sentimental. A Hess Truck, Drone, and many other gifts were among the stolen items,” said police.

But the response from the police department was overwhelming for the family.

“Within 48 hours, the officers collected and [purchased] a Hess Truck, a Drone, numerous gift cards to Toys r Us, as well as a cash contribution for the sentimental gifts,” police said in the post.

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On Thursday, it was all smiles, and some tears, when the Bethlehem Police Department delivered those gifts to the woman and her son.

“It’s not often the police themselves get a chance to do things like this, so we wanted to take every opportunity to make at least one little boy and his family’s X-Mas a memorable one.”