ERIE, Pa. (CBS) — The recent snowfall has been a lot to deal with for residents of Erie, Pennsylvania, but some are making the most out of their situation.

One brave man took a swan dive into a giant pile of snow while only wearing underwear.

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Before running back into the house, he took a quick dip in a hot tub to warm up.

Pennsylvania Town Digging Out From Record-Shattering 53 Inches Of Snow

Another resident showed just how cold it is there.

He tossed a pot of boiling water in the air and it froze instantly.

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A snow emergency is in effect in Erie after a winter blast dumped a record 53 inches of snow in less than 36 hours.

The storm dumped almost 3 feet of snow on Christmas Day alone.

Snow Emergency In Effect For Pennsylvania Town After Winter Blast Dumps 53 Inches

Another 2 feet of snow fell on Tuesday and forecasters say more is on the way.

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Officials are urging residents to stay home so crews can clear the roads.